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North America Resources

North America

The variety of choice for those seeking a walking or trekking adventure in North America is immense. Contrasting landscapes make up the distinctive areas of this vast country, from the hot dry deserts of the South West to the rugged, snow-capped Rocky Mountains.

Meandering through the country’s national parks is a rewarding way to soak up the diverse environment. The possibilities for walking trails are endless, with a combination of different lengths and difficulties. Hustling groups of crowds can be avoided, as venturing into the countryside will take you far into the wilderness where complete solitude can be experienced.

Passing through some of the USA’s greatest scenery, the John Muir Trail delves into remote surroundings where stumbling across a curious bear is not an uncommon experience for explorers.

As one of the wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon offers incredible walking trails, each with spectacular views that reveal the sheer extent of the isolated desert surroundings.

British Columbia is home to an assortment of landscapes: mountains, forests, rivers and beaches. The many provincial parks of the region contain some of the greatest views across the state's Rocky Mountains. Walking in British Columbia offers a sense of this great area, focusing mainly on coastal and mountain walks.

(Photo by Alan Castle from 'The John Muir Trail')

Useful websites: (Pacific Crest Trail information) (Information on the Grand Canyon Backcountry) (Southbounders: A Film About a Journey on the Appalachian Trail)

Tourist information:

Guided / Self Guided trips: (Adventure holidays, summer treks) (Grand Canyon trekking and trips) (Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides) (Grand Canyon tours)

Just Roughin’ It (tours of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Olympic National Parks.)

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