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Walking the Italian Lakes (Tell Us Your Story)

Nike Werstroh
By Nike Werstroh
2 minute read

On our second day we planned to summit Monte Grona. It rained the night before and dark clouds were sitting low on the mountain tops as we drove towards Breglia and as we got higher, thick fog gave us an unfriendly greeting. We were determined and hoped that the fog and clouds would lift up later on the day.

We spent the first week of October in Menaggio, by Lake Como. We planned a day walk for every day using the Cicerone guidebook Walking the Italian Lakes.

We parked our hired car in Monti de Breglia car park and started to walk on the forest path towards Rifugio Menaggio. Raindrops gleamed on the leaves and on the long grass as we walked in thick fog. We nearly missed the Rifugio building as the visibility was very poor. There were no views to the lake or the surrounding mountains and we were happy if we saw the nearby trees. We carried on walking following the path where we should have been given spectacular views and still hoped that by the time we reached the top the sky would clear out.

The Italian Lakes
From La Forcoletta we enjoyed the climb to the top but felt disappointed as there were no sign of view on the top, because the clouds stubbornly ruled the mountains.

Originally we planned to take the suggested extension to Breganino, but saw very little point in doing it as the visibility got even worse and our clothes were getting wet and damp. We went back to the car and in the afternoon went to Croce and explored the trenches and enjoyed some view to the Lake and Menaggio from Capella degli Alpini chapel.

However we didn't give up on Monte Grona that easily. Two days later the clouds looked lighter and we set off again in high spirits. We walked the same path to the Refugio and happily noticed that we were able to see a lot more. When we got the Refugio building the clouds kindly shifted and we saw rocks towering behind the house. Cheerfully continued our way towards the top.

Our chosen route was slightly different this time and we enjoyed the climb on the rocks, and even saw Monte Grona as well as some nearby mountains. Unfortunately on the top there were thick clouds and once again we only saw white mass and not a beautiful view. However this time we continued our way to Breganino. As we walked we noticed that only hunters were on the mountain with us on that day. As we walked up to Breganino the heavy clouds enveloped us and on the top only a herd of goats greeted us and not stunning views. However we did enjoy this walk and as we walked back to the car park we decided that if we ever go back to this splendid area we would try and conquer Monte Grone on a sunny day.

This ‘tell us your story’ article was sent in by Nike Werstroh. If you'd like to share a story with us then please do - we love to hear how you've been using your guidebooks.

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