The Grand Canyon

with Bryce and Zion Canyons in America's South West

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Out of Stock
17 Jan 2008
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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Guidebook to 80 hiking routes and trails in America's Grand Canyon. Whether you are seeking easy strolls, or more challenging walks, this guide enables you to plan everything from day walks to extended hikes in Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks.

Seasons Seasons
Spring and autumn are best. Summers are very hot (and crowded on the rim and viewpoints). Winters can have snow for extended periods.
Centres Centres
Access is via Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Flagstaff
Difficulty Difficulty
Quite a range, from gentle walks on the Canyon rim to long, arduous and steep treks in a tough (and perhaps hot, perhaps cold) desert environment.
Must See Must See
Where to start? The views are incredible in all the canyons. The walking trails are awesome, and some are serious endeavours.
Out of Stock
17 Jan 2008
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
  • Overview

    The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world. Its 277-mile length is protected by 1.2 million acres of national park. The fabulous views of nature's sculpture are known world-wide - indeed are even better than our wildest imaginings. The walking trails are equally awesome. Many are serious endeavours only for the most experienced trekkers.

    The American South-West hosts a profusion of national and state parks and wildernesses. It boasts a seemingly endless variety of deep canyons, deserts high and low, snow-capped mountains and raging rivers. The Grand Canyon is only the largest of these canyons; the smaller Zion and Bryce National Parks are less famous, but lose nothing in comparison.

    All the walking trails in Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park are described. In Grand Canyon National Park, all the maintained and non-maintained rim-to-river trails and rim trails are covered as well. This guidebook provides information on how to link together several trails in order to convert day-walks into long-distance walks.

    Come and view this magnificent corner of the United States. Walk the high country of Zion and veer down into the valley from atop its towering red walls. Weave amidst the hoodoos of Bryce and descend into the hidden depths of the Grand Canyon. Walkers can easily steer clear of crowds and enjoy the backcountry in relative isolation.

  • Contents

    1 Using this book
    2 Visiting the SouthWestern United States
    3 Equipment and special hazards
    4 Visiting Grand Canyon National Park
    5 Walking in Grand Canyon National Park
    6 Grand Canyon National Park: South Rim, rim-to-river trails
    Table of Trails
    South Bass Trail
    Hermit Trail
    Bright Angel Trail
    South Kaibab Trail
    Grandview Trail
    New Hance Trail
    Tanner Trail
    7 Grand Canyon National Park: North Rim, rim-to-river trails
    Table of Trails
    Thunder River and Bill Hall Trails, with Deer Creek Extension
    North Bass Trail
    North Kaibab Trail
    Nankoweap Trail
    8 Grand Canyon National Park: trans-canyon trails, North and South Rim
    Table of Trails
    Escalante Route: Tanner Canyon to New Hance Trail at Red Canyon
    Tonto Trail: New Hance Trail at Red Canyon to Hance Creek
    Tonto Trail: Hance Creek to Cottonwood Creek
    Tonto Trail: Cottonwood Creek to South Kaibab Trail
    Tonto Trail: South Kaibab Trail to Indian Garden
    Tonto Trail: Indian Garden to Hermit Creek
    Tonto Trail: Hermit Creek to Boucher Creek
    Tonto Trail: Boucher Creek to Bass Canyon
    Clear Creek Trail
    9 Grand Canyon National Park: South and North Rim trails
    South Rim Trails
    Rim Trail
    Shoshone Point Trail
    North Rim Trails
    Cape Royal Trail
    Cliff Springs Trail
    Cape Final Trail
    Ken Patrick Trail
    Bright Angel Point Trail
    Transept Trail
    Widforss Trail
    Uncle Jim Trail
    10 Grand Canyon National Park: long-distance routes
    Table of Routes
    Boucher Trail to Hermit Trail Loop
    Hermit Trail to Bright Angel Trail Loop
    Cross-canyon: North Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Trail
    South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Trail
    Grandview Trail to South Kaibab Trail
    Escalante Route: Tanner Trail to Grandview Trail
    Kanab Canyon to Thunder River Route
    11 Visiting Zion National Park
    12 Walking in Zion National Park
    13 Zion National Park: Kolob Canyons trails
    Table of Trails
    Timber Creek Overlook
    Middle Fork of Taylor Creek Trail
    La Verkin Creek Trail
    Kolob Arch Trail
    Willis Creek Route
    Hop Valley Trail
    14 Zion National Park: West Rim trails
    Table of Trails
    Wildcat Canyon Trail
    Northgate Peaks Trail
    West Rim Trail
    15 Zion National Park: Zion Canyon trails
    Table of Trails
    Gateway to The Narrows or Riverside Trail
    Up the Narrows to Orderville Canyon
    Weeping Rock
    Hidden Canyon and Observation Point
    Angels' Landing via Scout Lookout
    Emerald Pools
    Court of the Patriarchs
    Sand Bench Horse Trail
    Par'us Trail
    The Watchman
    16 Zion National Park: East Rim trails
    Table of Trails
    Canyon Overlook Trail
    East Rim Trail
    East Boundary to Echo Canyon Trail
    East Mesa Trail
    Stave Spring Junction to Cable Mountain and Deertrap Mountain Trails
    17 Zion National Park: Southwest Desert
    Table of trails
    Chinle Trail
    Huber Wash
    18 Zion National Park: long-distance routes
    Table of Trails
    Across Zion via Hop Valley and the West Rim
    The Zion Narrows
    East Rim Trail via Cable and Deertrap Mountains
    19 Visiting Bryce Canyon National Park
    20 Walking in Bryce Canyon National Park
    21 Bryce Canyon National Park: Canyon and Rim trails
    Table of Trails
    Fairyland Loop
    Queen's Garden Trail
    Navajo Loop
    Rim Trail
    Peekaboo Loop
    Bristlecone Loop
    Riggs Spring Loop
    22 Bryce Canyon National Park: long-distance and connecting trails
    Long-distance Trails
    Connecting Trails
    Under the Rim Trail
    Sheep Creek Connecting Trail
    Swamp Canyon Connecting Trail
    Whiteman Connecting Trail
    Agua Connecting Trail

    A Long-distance Routes Summary Tables
    B Useful Addresses
    C Local Facilities
    D Author's Favourite Walks
    E Sample Backcountry Permit Request Form

  • Maps
    The most popular maps are those in the Trails Illustrated series, produced by National Geographic and priced at around $9.95. Contact National Geographic Maps, PO Box 4357, Evergreen, Colorado, 80437-4357; tel 800 962 1643, tel 303 670 3457;

    The topographical maps produced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS 7.5 minute series) are increasingly difficult to find in park shops. You may be able to purchase some locally, but to be certain these need to be ordered by mail. Details can be obtained from the main office: USGS Info Services, PO Box 25286, Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225; tel 303 202 4700;

    Other maps may be available at the park visitor centres. Some of these are insufficient for true backcountry walking, but adequate for the average day-walker.

  • Updates
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    We do not yet have any updates available for this book

    We are always grateful to readers for information about any discrepancies between a guidebook and the facts on the ground. If you would like to send some information to us then please use our contact form. They will be published here following review by the author(s).

  • Reviews

    "It’s one of the biggest tourist magnets on the planet, but few venture beyond the car parks on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Now there’s no excuse. This guide offers no fewer than 38 different trail options within the Grand Canyon National Park. In addition to this, it’s an indispensable guide to practical issues associated with the area. If that’s not enough for you, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks and Utah get the same thorough treatment. You’ll be spoilt for choice for years to come."

    (Adventure Travel March - April 2008)

    The guide describes some 80 trails in the three canyons. First-time visitors will probably be most interested in the rim-to-river trails of the Grand Canyon – they list seven from the very popular South Rim and five from the less accessible North Rim.
    As well as a description, each trail has a sketch map and route profile. An important feature of the description is where you can get water, very important when the summer temperatures can reach 38 Celsius. The trail profile is useful since height differences are of the order of 1,500m. The maps make effective use of hill-shading to give a good idea of the topography.
    The photographs are excellent, bringing out the red, purple, blue, brown and grey colours of the canyon, showing the near-vertical prows of rock, contrasting with the level rim, sharp against the sky.
    Hard to see the other canyons as anything but anti-climatic, but the photographs belie that – amazing, swirling rock formations in Zion, while in Bryce there are more massed pinnacles than even Gaudi could conceive.

    (Irish Mountain Log, Summer 2008)

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Bob Gibbons

Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons met in 1983, on a trek from Kashmir to Ladakh. Since they met they have been leading and organising treks in the Alps, Nepal, Algeria and Niger, and exploring the world. However, they regularly return to their first love, Kathmandu and the Himalayas, and have published several books on the region.

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