Affiliate Scheme

For nearly 50 years Cicerone has been publishing walking, climbing, cycling guides covering UK, Europe and Worldwide. Our affiliate program provides commission on sales via our online shop, so whether visitors to your site are walkers, trekkers, backpackers, cyclists or mountaineers, there's bound to be something in our range to catch their eye.

So how do I become a Cicerone Affiliate?

If you are in the travel, outdoor, or other suitably related market, then we would love to hear from you.

Email us in the first instance, and tell us a little bit about your company and website. Please include the following information:

  • your contact details, including daytime telephone number and email address
  • the URL(s) that you propose to promote Cicerone guides along with placement information
  • a profile outline of visitors to your site and average monthly visits for the last 6 months

If your application to become a Cicerone affiliate has been approved, then we will contact you to arrange the start of your affiliate programme, and provide you with all necessary links, images and information.