Guidebook covering the best walks to be found on the island of Tenerife. The 45 routes range from simple day walks, to long distance trails along the GR131, and hiking routes on El Teide. Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, boasts walking routes of many types, set in stunning natural scenery.



high summer is popular, but too hot for walking; good winter walking is possible, with a chance of snow on high mountains; spring is ideal and autumn is ok


most people use resorts - from Playa de las Americas to Puerto de la Cruz - but there are quieter alternatives


routes vary from short and easy to long and arduous; many paths are rough and stony, so good footwear is required; sun protection will be needed more than waterproofs, and plenty of water should be carried in some arid places; snow and ice sometimes lie on the mountains in winter
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Must See

El Teide, highest Spanish mountain, Parque Nacional del Teide, Las Cañadas, Corona Forestal, GR131 long-distance route, Anaga peninsula, Teno peninsula, volcanic cones, lava flows, volcanic ash slopes, scenery ranging from semi-desert to lush laurisilva forest and pine forest, all in one of the world's most popular holiday spots
5 Mar 2015
31 Aug 2017
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  • Overview

    This guidebook to 45 day walks and treks on Tenerife in the Canary islands explores the coast and mountains of Tenerife with walks ranging between 4 and 32km, with short, easy strolls suitable for walkers of all abilities, to long and challenging routes.

    Detailed route descriptions are illustrated with the author's own clear contour mapping and colour photographs. This guide is one of a five-part series of guides to the walking on the Canary Islands.

    Tenerife, as a popular winter sun destination, provides a fascinating and varied landscape for walkers to explore, including the Tenerife section of the long-distance GR131 which links all the Canaries.

    The guide is split into seven sections - Anaga, Teno, Arona/Guía, Valle de la Orotava, Parque Nacional and El Teide - covering all the best walking to be had on the island, including the rugged 'Three Peaks of Tenerife' route, climbing Guajara, Pico Viejo and finally El Teide. Walks also explore the Parque Nacional del Teide, Las Cañadas, Corona Forestal, Teno and an ascent of El Teide itself, Spain's highest mountain.

    Alongside the 45 routes in this guide, are essential practical details on travel to and around Tenerife, as well as advice on accommodation and preparation, as well as information on the history, geology and culture of the largest of the Canary Islands.

  • Contents

    National Parks
    The Fortunate Isles
    Getting there
    When to go
    Health and safety
    Food and drink
    Walking on Tenerife
    Getting there
    Getting around
    What to take
    Waymarking and access
    Food and drink
    Tourist information offices
    Using this guide
    Walk 1 Pico del Inglés to Valleseco
    Walk 2 Igueste de San Andrés to Chamorga
    Walk 3 Chamorga, El Draguillo and Almáciga
    Walk 4 Almáciga, Benijo and El Draguillo
    Walk 5 Taganana, Afur and La Cumbre
    Walk 6 Afur, Taborno and Pico del Inglés
    Walk 7 Cruz del Carmen, Chinamada and Punta del Hidalgo
    Walk 8 Cruz del Carmen, El Batán and Punta del Hidalgo
    Walk 9 Los Poleos and Volcán Chinyero
    Walk 10 Garachico to San José de los Llanos
    Walk 11 Santiago del Teide, Chinyero and Erjos
    Walk 12 Erjos to Punta de Teno
    Walk 13 Erjos, Las Portelas and Masca
    Walk 14 Barranco de Masca
    Walk 15 Barranco del Infierno
    Walk 16 Arona and Roque del Conde
    Walk 17 Arona and Roque Imoque
    Walk 18 La Escalona, Ifonche and Adeje
    Walk 19 Vilaflor and Montaña de la Vica
    Walk 20 Vilaflor and the Paisaje Lunar
    Walk 21 Boca de Tauce to Chirche
    Valle de la Orotava
    Walk 22 Camino de Candelaria – Aguamansa to Arafo
    Walk 23 La Caldera and Camino El Topo
    Walk 24 La Caldera and Ruta del Agua
    Walk 25 El Portillo to Realejo Alto
    Parque Nacional
    Walk 26 Izaña and Volcán de Fasnia
    Walk 27 El Portillo and Alto de Guamasa
    Walk 28 El Portillo and Arenas Negras
    Walk 29 El Portillo and Montaña Blanca
    Walk 30 El Filo to Parador
    Walk 31 Parador and ascent of Guajara
    Walk 32 Parador and circuit of Guajara
    Walk 33 Parador and Roques de GarcÍa
    Walk 34 Parador and Montaña Majúa
    Walk 35 Parador, Valle de Ucanca and Vilaflor
    Walk 36 Parador to Las Lajas and Vilaflor
    El Teide
    Walk 37 El Teide via Montaña Blanca
    Walk 38 El Teide via Pico Viejo
    Walk 39 El Teide via Roques de GarcÍa
    Walk 40 The Three Peaks of Tenerife
    GR 131 – Arona to La Esperanza
    Walk 41 GR 131 – Arona to Vilaflor
    Walk 42 GR 131 – Vilaflor to Parador
    Walk 43 GR 131 – Parador to El Portillo
    Walk 44 GR 131 – El Portillo to La Caldera
    Walk 45 GR 131 – La Caldera to La Esperanza

    Appendix A Route summary table
    Appendix B Topographical glossary
    Appendix C Useful contacts

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    Nov 2018

    Teide National Park - Note that almost all of the walking trails can close on certain days during October, November, May and June, but this should only happen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at varying hours during the day. This is to allow hunters to shoot mouflon that were imported from Corsica, preventing them from over-grazing the vegetation. The only trail guaranteed to remain open is the one climbing El Teide via Montaña Blanca (Walk 37 / Sendero 7). To avoid making a wasted journey, please contact the national park office in advance of any visit during these months. Visit only on the days that all the trails are open. Check at the national park visitor centre at El Portillo, or tel 922 922 371.

    April 2018

    Walk 45 - On the final road descent to La Esperanza, watch out for a signpost pointing left along another road. This quickly leads to a fine path through a wooded valley, emerging in a park in the town centre.

    May 2017

    Walk 15 - Barranco del Infierno

    This walk was closed for a few years, but is now open again. Access is strictly controlled and must be booked in advance. See for details.

    March 2016

    Walk 21 - The upper part of this walk, from Boca Tauce to the 'era' is closed. The main problem occurs after the forestry house, where the route passes beneath a cliff. There is a danger of rockfall at this point, and as a result the path is dangerous. As it is no longer being used, it has also become overgrown.

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