Where to go for a first Alpine trek?

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Contained within a fortnight's holiday, the Tour of the Queyras would make a splendid introduction to trekking in the Alps. The Queyras is a dramatic region of the French Alps, between the Durance Valley and the Italian border, in the shadow of Mont Viso. Sheltered to the west by the Ecrins, it is one of the sunniest areas of the Alps.

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Tour of the Queyras

The GR58 and GR541 in the French Alps


The Tour of the Queyras follows the GR58 and half of the GR541 trails. The 12-day Tour described in this guidebook crosses 24 cols, all above 2000m, with options to climb 17 summits of varying difficulty. This route is ideal for those new to Alpine trekking, but also provides optional challenges for the more experienced hiker and hillwalker.

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The absence of glaciers makes ideal hillwalking country, with several high mountain summits accessible to the ordinary hillwalkers and scrambler.

Isolated and unspoilt, villages and valleys of the Queyras region will be as memorable as peaks and passes as the route weaves a meandering course, nudging against the Italian border.

But it is the fine scenery and unique cultural heritage of this comparatively remote area that makes the Queyras truly special and worthy of its status as a Regional Nature Park, and this multi-day tour described in the Cicerone guidebook unearths its essence.

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