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Harry Dowdell Cicerone author DOWDEL

Harry Dowdell

Harry Dowdell has been cycling for as long as he can remember. His first cycle tour was with school friends Graham and Dave across the North York Moors, staying in youth hostels at Wheeldale and Whitby during one of those long sunny summers of long ago.

After a lengthy break, when the bike was used only for commuting, he restarted cycle touring around south-west Ireland before moving on to France, Spain, Slovenia and Norway.

Moving to Nidderdale with partner Liz and taking up triathlon were the spurs to procuring a new bike. After a few months filled with lots of cycling to get fit, cycling for pleasure soon took over. Having got the bug again cycling is now his preferred method of exercise and of travelling around and experiencing new countries.

Harry continues to cycle regularly both at home in Yorkshire and abroad, and pays the bills working as a fitness instructor at his local leisure centre.

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