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Walking the Lake District fells

Mark Richards’ Walking the Lake District Fells guides are your ultimate fell-by-fell companions to the Lake District fells. A series of eight guidebooks, one for each of the main valley bases, cover ALL the routes up ALL the fells in each area – that’s 230 fells in total.

Tick off the Lakeland fells as you go

Download our handy tick lists for each guidebook to keep track of the fells that you’ve climbed.

Download Panoramas to help you identify the peaks

Until you get to know the fells, recognising the peaks visible from a particular summit can be tricky. That’s why there are four hand-drawn panoramas – displaying the views from each summit in all four compass directions – for every fell in our guides.

Our guidebooks feature a selection, but you can download the full set here to take with you.

Wasdale Panoramas (8.662 MB)
Langdale Panoramas (13.325 MB)
Mardale Panoramas (3.097 MB)
Coniston Panoramas (5.829 MB)
Keswick Panoramas (2.555 MB)

Mark Richards' Walking the Lake District Fells series is a unique collection of guidebooks packed with all the routes to the summits of all 230 Lakeland fells. Each of the eight main valley bases is covered in a dedicated guidebook.

These guidebooks provide a comprehensive exploration of the main paths and alternative routes to each summit, all accompanied by hand-drawn topographical maps (topos) and summit panoramas. You'll have the freedom to devise your own routes or choose from a variety of ascents, descents, and ridge routes. This versatility allows you to discover hidden treasures away from the crowded trails and explore "fell-friendly" routes designed to minimise environmental impact.