How do I buy an ebook?

Click the buy button on the selected guidebook. If there is no specific button for an ebook then an ebook is not available for this title. Purchase the ebook using the standard checkout procedure, making sure your email address is correct as this is associated with your ebook. You need to ensure that you have opened an account, and not used a guest checkout option. The ebook will be added to your library in your Cicerone Account, ready for download.

How do I download my ebook?

Before You Start:

You need to complete the registration of your Cicerone account, if you have not done this already, in order to access your ebook in your library.

Before downloading your ebook make sure you have an e-reader app set up on your device.

1) Sign in to your Cicerone Account

2) Click on the guidebook cover

3) Click on the "generate your download" button.

This may take a few moments to appear so please be patient. The button will change to "Download ePub" when it has generated the file.

4) Click once on the "download ePub" button

It may take a minute or two to download. Please be patient. Clicking more than once restarts the process and will, after 3 attempts, lock you out of the ebook file.

Your device will usually open your ebook file in its default e-reader app when the download has completed. However, if you have not opened an ebook on the device before you may have to manually choose the right app as part of the download process.

Click on My Account to see your library
Click on My Account to see your library
Click on the book cover to see the options for this title
Click on the book cover to see the options for this title
Click ONCE to download your ePub
Click ONCE to download your ePub

Having issues downloading to an ipad or iphone?

Struggling to find your e-book? Due to recent Apple software updates if you are unable to locate your e-book please check your file folder as it may have been added there.

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Can you download to a Kindle device or app?

Our ebooks are not compatible with Kindle devices or apps. You can, if you prefer, buy Kindle books from Amazon directly.

What is the format of the ebook?

Cicerone ebooks are in ePub format. An ePub is a stream of text and images that can be redistributed and resized to adapt to the size of the screen on which the book is being read. It is possible to change the font and size of the text in an ePub to improve readability. This makes the ePub format ideal for reading on mobile devices and on screen but unsuitable for printing.

How do I read an ebook?

To be able to read the ebook you must have an e-reader app on your device. Most devices usually have a default e-reader installed, such as iBooks or Google Play Books, both of which you can use to read our ebooks. There are many other e-reader apps which you may prefer to use. We would recommend Adobe Digital Editions as it is a free platform designed for reading ePubs bought from any retailer (other apps, e.g. Kobo, may be linked to a particular ebook retailer).

What is the life of your ebook?

Your ebook will be available for as long as this book is in print. Once the book is out of print it will no longer be available to download from your Cicerone library. Any existing copies of the ebook that you have downloaded will still be available to read.

How many times can I download the ebook?

There is a limit set on our ebook downloads but it should be sufficient to cover your main devices. Please contact Cicerone if you need additional access tokens.

Can I print my ebook?

Due to anti-piracy protections you are not able to print your ebooks.