Cicerone Help & FAQs

What is the difference between a reprint and a new edition?

A reprint is organised when our stock of a current guide runs low. Authors are contacted a short time before publication and asked to read through carefully for anything that needs updating. (It is also part of a Cicerone author's responsibility to keep track of any significant changes relating to their guide all the time that it is in print. Many things will already have been noted and published as an Update.) Reprinted guides carry minor changes and corrections to the guide’s previous print run, not wholesale revisions.

A new edition of a book is commissioned when a guide becomes more significantly out of date, in terms of content or design, or when the lie of the land has changed so dramatically that the guide is no longer valid. A new edition requires a thorough updating of the text, confirming all the routes and revising any information that may have changed, which may result in some structural changes and new photos or maps as required.

An edition of a guide can stay in print and be reprinted (with updates if necessary) multiple times over a given period of years. It is only when the current edition becomes out-of-date, in need of a new design or invalid that it is ready to become a new edition.

The bibliographic information under the front cover image on each book’s page on our website shows the book’s last published date, which is the date of the last print run (this can be the first print run of a particular edition or a reprint). Inbetween printings the Updates tab on the book’s page carries any corrections or updates that we know about.

We are always grateful to readers for information about any discrepancies between a guidebook and the facts on the ground. After the author has checked them over, they will be published under the book’s Updates tab.