Cicerone Help & FAQs

What maps do you use in your guidebooks?

Cicerone guidebooks use one of four types of mapping. The map choice depends on the area covered by the book and the most appropriate scale.

Ordnance Survey

For most UK guides we will use Ordnance Survey mapping at a scale of 1:25,000 or 1:50,000. These are comprehensive and detailed maps of the UK and we use them whenever we can.

Cicerone/Lovell Johns maps

In partnership with Lovell Johns, Cicerone have developed mapping that covers the UK, Europe and parts of the rest of the world at a variety of scales. This mapping is extremely flexible and allows authors to add important details and remove information that is not helpful to the reader. It is also very easy to add accurate route lines taken from GPX files recorded by the author as they are walking the routes.

Other thid-party mapping

In some countries a third party (equivalent to the OS in the UK) may have developed a set of maps that cover the areas we need. When this is the case we will come to an agreement that allows us to use their maps in our guidebook with our route lines shown on top.

Sketch mapping

Occasionally we will use sketch mapping. Sketch mapping is just that – maps based on sketches drawn by the author of the book. This type of map is a good way of showing key information without the distraction of the rest of the base map. It is a particularly effective way of showing trek or area overviews.