Questions about Cicerone

Can I join a Cicerone club and get a discount?

From time to time we put together special offers for users of the Cicerone website. We also include exclusive offers, competitions and promotions in our enewsletters. If you would like receive our enewsletter then drop us an email.

If you are a member of a walking club, or organisation and would like to set up a club discount for your members, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

You have a great number of guidebooks. Are you a massive company?

Well, no, actually, we are a very small company. We just work hard!

We are based in Kendal on the edge of the Lake District. We have a small core team (about 13 of us) covering publishing, editing, cartography, design and production, plus all our sales and marketing.

We work with over 100 authors on developing new guidebooks and keeping existing guides up to date.

And we work with ‘partners’ who help us deliver the service that our customers and guidebook buyers require. These include BookSource, who handle all our warehousing and shipment needs, and other teams who visit stores to keep them posted on upcoming and new titles.

Do you do all the walks and treks yourselves?

Most of the small team here are walkers and trekkers at some level. In particular the directors are ‘into it’. So we do get out and about, exploring and trekking, looking over existing routes and finding new possibilities. But we just can’t quite keep up with our authors and the 25-30 new guides and new editions we publish every year.

However, our authors walk every step of their routes (and more).

You can read more about our adventures in Cicerone Extra.

How do you make a guidebook?

It’s a long and careful process involving the editorial, production and design teams working in close collaboration with the author, and finally the printer, to make the best possible guide.

The editorial team will look through the manuscript and discuss any possible improvements to the guide with the author. At the same time, the production team will begin work on the maps. When the text and maps are ready they will be edited and checked for errors. After the layout and design of the book takes place, when maps, text and pictures are all woven together. The result looks pretty much like a printed book, but it is checked again by the author and in-house team to make sure everything is OK. Once we are happy, we give the go-ahead for the book to be printed. More checking takes place at this stage too, to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The whole process takes about nine months, from delivery of the manuscript to printed book. It’s a long time, but we hope that the care we take shows through in the guides.

Do you have a newsletter?

Sign up to the Cicerone newsletter to find out about new books, articles, offers, events and competitions. You can find the sign up box in the footer at the bottom of every page, or in Subscriptions in your Cicerone Account.