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Your free eBook for your Mont Blanc Treks trip is available to download.

Mont Blanc Treks have partnered with Cicerone, the leading publisher of guidebooks for treks and adventures around the world.

Your booking for your upcoming trip includes a free eBook which you can download to your device by entering your email address here.

Cicerone eBooks are compatible with Apple and Android devices (not Kindle) and include full route description, colour mapping along with practical advice and information

  1. Firstly, please make sure you've got an eBook reading app on your device (Google Play for Android, Apple Book on an iPhone)
  2. Log in to the member area on the Cicerone website to see your user library. You will need to create an account if this is your time visiting the Cicerone website
  3. Click on the book cover
  4. Click 'Generate file' (You must wait a few seconds for the file to generate, rather than clicking multiple times) The button will change to 'Download ePub' when the book is ready to download.
  5. Ensure you have a reliable wifi connection before clicking the link - we don't recommend using mobile data for this. The download may take a few minutes. A little wheel should indicate it's downloading, the files are quite big as there are maps and photos so it may take a while even on a fast connection. Please be patient. Clicking more than once restarts the process and may lock you out of the ebook file.
  6. Download the file to wherever you prefer it to be saved. It may have been automatically saved to your device's default file location.
  7. If you've got an eBook reading app installed then the file will usually open there. If not, check the downloads folder, and then click on the file to open.