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Owen Eigenbrot has found a home in the mountains. He learned to love and respect the wilderness from an early age on forced marches with the family and then regular backpacking trips with the Boy Scouts. Born and raised in sunny California, he has lived within sight of the beach, surrounded by Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert, and out of his car along the Eastern Sierra. During a year in Bristol, he learned that the weather in the UK isn’t as bad as advertised and the hill walking to be superb.

Owen’s curiosity and hunger for adventure drove him the length of the PCT in 2015 and scatters him to wild places worldwide. An engineer sometimes and hiker trash always, he lives to experience, understand, and help the Earth.

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The author imagines he is in Montana on a training hike along the Bay Area Ridge Trail in California.

Feature · 4 Aug 2019

Thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail: Prep and planning

Owen Eigenbrot is preparing to thru-hike from Canada to Mexico across the US on the yet-to-be-finished Continental Divide Trail. Planning for a 3100-mile trek is a daunting task, but experience and a heavy dose of realistic optimism give him the confidence that not having all the answers can be a good thing.

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