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Environmental Education in Yosemite

Moose Mutlow returns to tell us about his work in Yosemite National Park


Moose Mutlow returns to the podcast to chat with Hannah about the work he does around environmental education in Yosemite National Park in California. Find out how Moose teaches young people to not just understand but treasure this National Park and the wildlife it contains.

About our guest

Moose has nearly 4 decades of traditional and alternative education experience around the globe. He has course directed 58-day Outward Bound instructor trainings in Appalachia, been a deputy headmaster in the Kalahari Desert, managed a beach concession on the Mediterranean, slogged through Australian rain forests with middle school students, juggled as a street performer in too many cities to mention, has more than 2000 days of field instruction in a wilderness setting, spent four months as the Interim Head for an elite ski academy, and recently returned from teaching a canoe program for Veterans on the Gulf of Mexico.

Since 2002 Moose has been a member and senior trainer of Yosemite Search and Rescue, working as a technician and within Incident Command, at one of the busiest SAR operations in the world. Moose currently works for NatureBridge in Yosemite National Park as the Senior Projects Director for planning, design and construction of the National Environmental Science Center. 

Moose has been the Lead Trainer for Family Liaison Officers for the National Park Service teaching trainings with staff from Yosemite, Arches, Smokey Mountains, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, Theodore Roosevelt, Joshua Tree, Sequoia Kings, Point Reyes, Lassen, Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Find more from Moose on his website here.


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