Lightweight Camping

By John Traynor

Lightweight Camping provides detailed tips information and advice on how to get the most out of camping light - on foot or by bike, canoe or car. From picking a campsite in the wild to coping with bad weather, tips for campers with some or no experience on gear, luggage, campsites and camping with kids.

24 Dec 2010
21.6 x 13.8 x 1.1cm
  • Overview

    Camping trips are adventures just waiting to be enjoyed, whatever your age, whatever your outdoor pursuits – a great way of stripping away the complexities of life and enjoying your own thoughts or sharing time with others.

    Lightweight Camping aims to help all such adventurers make the most of a comfortable, independent, mobile life under canvas, offering a seasoned camper’s tips and tricks for, and tales about, having a great time without loads of costly gear.

    Whether travelling by bike, canoe, on foot or by car, camping offers flexibility, freedom and fun. This book explores the many varieties of lightweight tent life and travel including all the skills required and the essential equipment.

    Author John Traynor has distilled a lifetime of camping, from surviving childhood camping trips in the valleys of South Wales to international expeditions, into this unique book, packed with inspiration as well as practical advice.

  • Contents



    Why lightweight camp?

    Endless opportunities

    A century of lightweight camping

    Tent life

    1 Basecamp

    2 On the move

    3 Out in the open

    4 Shelter

    5 Homemaking

    6 Treading softly

    Appendix A Useful contacts

    Appendix B Further reading and inspiration

    Appendix C Back to the future

    Appendix D Camping with kids

    Appendix E Buying a tent

    Appendix F DIY tent repairs


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  • Reviews

    "This is a well-written, easily digestible book which goes into enough detail to be an education to anyone new to camping, or those who want a bit more out of it. With austerity being a modern theme in vacations, the book helps narrow down what kit you'll need for various types of trip, why you'll need it, and more importantly what you won't need.

    It's full of handy hints and real-world anecdotes. If you're thinking of getting any new gear this year, or of planning a new type of camping experience, then give this book a read and you might just save yourself some pennies, some time and some cold, uncomfortable nights. Not for outdoor experts or seasoned backpacking campers."

    John Traynor has poured in to this guide all his knowledge and lessons learned from years of hard-won experience gained on many and varied camping trips. John has packed in plenty of information and advice, including his own inside track on lightweight camping.

    His tips, tricks and tales ensure you have the best time without needing to carry a lot of gear and without having to spend a small fortune on equipment. And the skills learned are just as relevant to the touring couple or family camper as they are to the selfpropelled adventurer.

    Camping magazine, March 2011

    This book captures the freedom, spirit and simplicity that comes from camping in the outdoors. Whether you're just beginning to consider your first tent, or you're a seasoned pro-pitcher, Lightweight Camping covers every mode of tent and transport, from canoe to car in a range of environments.

    Interspersed with history, personal trip anecdotes, pointers and gear guides, this book is as much a guide to living outdoors as it is taking a load off your shoulders - literally and figuratively.

    Read the full review

    What is Lightweight Camping? The term invariably means different things to different people, and to be fair this book makes no bones about the fact that it’s aimed at a broad section of the camping public, not just the light and fast backpacking fraternity.

    That said, there’s plenty of information here that is valid for trekkers, climbers and hillwalkers, especially those looking for buying advice and handy hints and tips to make their backpacking adventure more comfortable. It’s the real-world stories and advice that make this book worth its cover price though.

    Trek& Mountain, March 2011

    ‘…full of practical information on lightweight and inexpensive camping.

    Those wanting to take up remote camping…will find this guide very useful, but experienced wild campers will also find a few new ideas here.’

    Strider, April 2011

    ‘As one would expect from John Traynor, the advice in this book is authoritative and down to earth…There are neat summaries and top tips with a nice dose of tongue in check humour. It is a book you can read for enjoyment as well as a guide.

    If you have lightweight camped for years, you’ll enjoy both the humour and, perhaps, like me, reminders of some basics alongside some new ideas. For a newcomer to cycle camping, it would be hard to think of a better introduction. The photographs are illustrative and evocative. This one will stay on my bookshelf.’

    Cycling World, August 2011

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John Traynor

John Traynor has enjoyed camping trips all over the world, and now has a wealth of experience and advice to offer on the subject. He is a regular contributor to outdoor magazines and writes a camping gear blog which is free to all -

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