An enjoyable stroll along Hadrian's Wall

A bit of time off work happily coincided with the recent spell of fine weather. I had a loose plan in the back of my mind that I quite fancied walking a section of Hadrian's Wall, so I chucked a copy of the Cicerone guide to the National Trail in my bag on my last day in the office just in case.

A quick look on the map, train ticket purchased, accommodation booked and my trip was all sorted.

I didn’t have time to walk the whole trail, and I’m not really that bothered to say I’d completed the whole 84 miles of this historic National Trail.

So instead I spent 3 happy days walking the wall from Port Gate (just outside the town of Corbridge) heading in the direction of Carlisle.

I’d chosen to walk along the most intact sections of roman wall and had a wonderful time. Being on my own meant I could stop when I wanted to, with the only target being to get to by B&B in time for dinner. With so many photo opportunities along the way, there was ample time to stop, enjoy the view and eat my picnic lunch.

Cafes and information offices along the way provided the chance to top up on cold drinks and satisfy my cravings for the delicious local ice cream I’d discovered early on day one, so I was able to travel pretty light.

Excellent rail and public transport links to the area mean you can spend a long weekend exploring parts of the trail.

One thing I can promise is whichever bit of the trail you decide to walk you won’t head home disappointed.

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