Bivvying and hillwalking in the UK with Ronald Turnbull

Tuesday 1st June 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

In our June Cicerone Live event, join Cicerone author Ronald Turnbull to explore bivvying and hillwalking in the UK.

Bivvying offers a chance to experience a whole new level of immersion in the outdoors, with just a lightweight bag between you and the elements. Ronald Turnbull's The Book of the Bivvy provides an informed, humorous, instructive, wry insight into the world of the bivouac, drawing upon his own extensive experience of bivvying and hillwalking in the UK.

Watch the event live online on 1st June 2021 at 19:00 UK time (14:00 EST, 13:00 CST, 12:00 MST, 11:00 PST) on the Cicerone website, Cicerone Press Facebook page or YouTube channel.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask your questions to Ronald during the event, either by commenting on the video on Facebook or YouTube, or by emailing your questions to We look forward to welcoming Ronald and answering your questions.

About the author

When his antique Saunders Jetpacker went porous in 1996, Ronald Turnbull stopped bothering with a tent. He has made eight bivvybag crossings of Scotland coast-to-coast and slept on 36 Scottish summits, 46 English, four in Northern Ireland, seven in Wales and one on the Isle of Man. He writes regularly for The Great Outdoors, Lakeland Walker and Trail magazines and the UKHillwalking website.

The Book of the Bivvy

The Book of the Bivvy

Tips, stories and route ideas


A guide to the bivouac - the pinnacle of minimalist wild-camping. Accounts of bivvybag adventures, both nice and nasty, alternate with practical chapters on lightweight kit and long-distance bivvying, and the book finishes with a selection of bivvybag expeditions. Informative, honest and highly entertaining!

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