A guidebook to walking routes in British Columbia, from long mountain trails in true wilderness to shorter, accessible walks. The routes cover many of British Columbia's provincial and national parks, including Vancouver and Queen Charlotte Islands, Whistler, Manning Provincial Park, Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks and the Rockies.



Some trails open year-round, but mainly from May/June until October, as snow can be severe in the Rockies. Each trail clearly shows best time.


Vancouver, Whistler, Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Kelowna, Penticton and Manning Park.


Routes of all grades, length and difficulty.
Must See

Must See

Remote wilderness, mountains, endless beaches, wildlife - but don’t get too close to the bears!
1 Jun 2002
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
  • Overview

    This guidebook explores 50 walking routes in Canada's British Columbia. The guide has a combination of long, multi-day expeditions through wild and mountains areas, as well as shorter, scenic day walks, many of which explore ares defined by native culture. British Columbia is full of National Parks and protected areas, and the walks in this guide venture into dozens. The guide is divided into sections which include: Vancouver Island, the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haidi Gwaii), Whistler and Squamish, Manning Provincial Park, Stein Valley Nlaka'Pamux Heritage Park, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks, the Kootenays and the British Colombia Rockies.

    The trails in this guide balance coastal and mountain regions. In an area so vast - four times the size of the UK, with only 3.5 million people, most of them in Vancouver - they can only offer a taste of what British Columbia has to offer.

    The guideboook also includes plenty of practical advice on camping and hiking in the area, as well as survival tips for exploring the Canadian Wilderness, and plenty of background information on places of interest on the trail. With 637 provincial parks, six national parks, wide regions of protected land and age-old forests, wild mountain rivers, grizzly bears and sockeye salmon, British Columbia is a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast, and this guidebook is an ideal companion to exploring its mountains, forests and trails.

  • Contents


    Getting There
    Staying in British Columbia
    How to Use This Guide

    ON THE TRAIL: Practical Information for Hiking and Camping

    THE GREAT CANADIAN WILDERNESS: Safety and Survival Tips
    Protected Areas – National and Provincial Parks
    Surviving in the Wild


    Juan de Fuca Provincial Park
        Trail 1 – Juan de Fuca Marine Trail
    East Sooke Regional Park
        Trail 2 – East Sooke Coast Trail
    Strathcona Park
        Trail 3 – Della Falls Trail
    Pacific Rim National Park
        Trail 4 – West Coast Trail
        Trail 5 – Wickaninnish Trail
        Trail 6 – Schooner Trail
        Trail 7 – Willowbrae Trail
    Flores Island
        Trail 8 – The Ahousaht Wild Side Heritage Trail
    Cape Scott Provincial Park
        Trail 9 – Cape Scott Trail

        Trail 10 – Spirit Lake Trail
        Trail 11 – Sleeping Beauty
        Trail 12 – Riley Creek and Rennell Sound
    Naikoon Provincial Park
        Trail 13 – Pesuta Trail
        Trail 14 – East Beach: Tlell River to Rose Spit
        Trail 15 – Tow Hill/Blow Hole
        Trail 16 – Cape Fife Trail
    Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve/Haida Heritage Site

        Trail 17 – Stawamus Chief
        Trail 18 – Black Tusk/Garibaldi Lake
        Trail 19 – Brandywine Falls
        Trail 20 – Shadow Lake
        Trail 21 – Nairn Falls

        Trail 22 – Heather Trail (to First Brother)
        Trail 23 – Skyline 1 Trail
        Trail 24 – Pacific Crest Trail/Castle Creek/
                        Monument 78 Loop
        Trail 25 – Lightning Lake Loop

        Trail 26 – Lower Stein Valley

    Mount Revelstoke National Park
        Trail 27 – Summit Trail
        Trail 28 – Eva Lake Trail
        Trail 29 – Jade Lakes Trail
        Trail 30 – Giant Cedars Trail
    Glacier National Park
        Trail 31 – Asulkan Valley Trail
        Trail 32 – Glacier Crest Trail
        Trail 33 – Avalanche Crest Trail
        Trail 34 – Abbott Ridge
        Trail 35 – Hermit Trail

        Trail 36 – Pulpit Rock Hike
    Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
        Trail 37 – Gibson Lake to Slocan Chief Cabin
    Purcell Wilderness Conservancy
        Trail 38 – Earl Grey Pass Trail
        Trail 39 – Lake of the Hanging Glacier Recreation Trail

    Kootenay National Park
        Trail 40 – Rockwall Trail
        Trail 41 – Kaufmann Lake Trail
        Trail 42 – Stanley Glacier Trail
        Trail 43 – Paint Pots
    Yoho National Park
        Trail 44 – Iceline Trail
        Trail 45 – Emerald Lake Circuit
        Trail 46 – Yoho Glacier Moraine
        Trail 47 – Yoho Pass
        Trail 48 – Hoodoo Trail
    Mount Robson Provincial Park
        Trail 49 – Berg Lake Trail
        Trail 50 – Mount Fitzwilliam Trail

    A. Vancouver
    B. Northwest Coast Native Cultures
    C. Useful Addresses
    D. Trail Table

  • Maps

    National Topographic system maps (1:50,000)

    Notes on maps

    Topographic Maps
    The Centre for Topographic Information of Natural Resources Canada is Canada’s national topographic mapping agency (http://?maps.nrcan.gc.ca). Their NTS (National Topographic System) maps are produced at a scale of 1:250,000 and 1:50,000. Both these are detailed maps showing landforms, terrain, lakes, rivers, forest cover, populated areas and transportation routes. The 1:50,000 maps are good for recreational use, and are suitable for hiking, cycling, canoeing and camping. The 1:50,000 maps cover an area of approximately 1000km2. These maps are distributed to the public through regional distribution centres. Contact ITMB Publishing Ltd., 530 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1E9, tel. (604) 879-3621, or visit the website: http://maps.nrcan.gc.ca/topographic.html. Topographic maps are often sold at visitor information centres as well as outdoor specialist shops.

    Forest Service Recreation Maps
    The BC Forest Service produces about 40 different maps at various scales that are available to the public. These maps show Forest Service campgrounds, hiking trails, interpretive forests and logging roads. They are available for purchase from local Forest Service offices and often visitor information centres as well. For a listing of what is available, check www.for.gov.bc.ca/hfp/rec/maps/svanisle/

    Recreation Maps
    Gem Trek Publishing Ltd specializes in producing detailed maps of the Canadian Rockies. These maps are 1:100,000 scale and there is one that covers Kootenay National Park and another that combines Lake Louise and Yoho National Park. These maps are very useful as they show ground relief, campgrounds, hiking trails and roads. These can be purchased locally, or contact: Gem Trek Publishing Ltd., Box 1618, #6- 245- 2nd Ave E, Cochrane, Alberta, T0L 0W0, tel. (403) 932-4208.

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  • Reviews

    This is a very handy guidebook, since it gives you all the travel low down that you are going to need. There is a very good section on how to cope with bears and wild animals, and how to approach backpacking there. This book firmly puts Canada on the hiking map for the UK audience.

    The Aitchison-Jones Walker's Pocket Book 2007

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Janna Wilson

Janna Fleming (now Janna Wilson) lives in the Haida village of Skidegate in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia with her husband and their two young children. She has spent the past few years nurturing a passion for the beauty of her new surroundings: remote islands of rainforest, giant ancient cedars, windswept beaches, and vibrant culture. The landscape, wildlife and people provide endless inspiration for her creative soul and she is now working on a collection of poetry. With two small kids in tow, she now roams at a slower pace savouring their excitement and curiosity about each place they discover and can't wait to paddle, cycle and hike throughout the world with them.

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