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How long is the England Coast Path - longer than you may think

When complete, the England Coast Path will be VERY, VERY LONG by any measure. In the UK it will dwarf all the existing National Trails, long distance paths and established long distance walking challenges.

The England Coast Path promises big numbers!

The total length of the England Coast Path National Trail will be 4,499km or 2,795 miles. By comparison…

  • The longest National Trail is currently the South West Coast Path at 1,014km (630 miles)
  • The Pennine Way comes in at a paltry 435km (268 miles)
  • The Offa’s Dyke Path is a mere 285km (177 miles)
  • When complete, the England Coast Path will be longer than all the other 15 National Trails combined (they total around 4,000km or 2,500 miles)
On the England Coast Path at Woolacombe Sands from Baggy Point
On the England Coast Path at Woolacombe Sands, seen from Baggy Point.jpeg

The longest path in the UK

The England Coast Path will gobble up Britain’s other long distance paths for breakfast…

  • The Wales Coast Path is 1,400km (870 miles)
  • The Land’s End to John o’Groats walk is anything from 1,407km (874 miles) on roads to 1,956km (1,215 miles) by paths
  • The Cambrian Way from Cardiff to Conwy is 479km (298 miles)
  • The Southern Upland Way across Scotland is 344km (214 miles)
  • Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk is 292km (182 miles)

The England Coast Path will be the longest coastal walking trail anywhere in the world.

It's a world-beating path

Outside the UK there are plenty of super long walking trails that are certainly wilder and more remote and arduous, from the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trail in the USA to the Hokkaido Nature Trail in Japan; from the Grand Italian Trail the length of Italy and the Way of St James (Camino de Santiago de Compostela) in northern Spain. However, the England Coast Path will be the longest coastal walking trail anywhere in the world. The GR34 along the Brittany coast in north west France comes in at 1,700 km (1,100 miles); and the Lycian Way provides a 540 km (340 mile) trail around the south coast of Turkey, but it will be the first time EVER that a country has a coastal walking trail around its entire seaboard.

And, if you add the Wales Coastal Path, you will be able to continuously walk 5,899km or 3,665 miles around the entire coast of England and Wales from Gretna Green all the way round to Berwick upon Tweed. So how about a path around Scotland next…?

Great Walks on the England Coast Path - Front Cover

Great Walks on the England Coast Path

30 classic walks on the longest National Trail


Guidebook to 30 routes celebrating the best day and weekend walks on the England Coast Path, a new National Trail. Includes a varied selection of walks along the country's diverse shoreline, on cliff paths, estuaries, beaches and saltmarsh. Routes from 9 to 45km to suit all ages and abilities, many of which can be enjoyed all year round.

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