Walking the End to End Trail

Land's End to John o' Groats on foot

By Andy Robinson

A practical guidebook for walking from Land's End to John o' Groats. The 1956km (1215 mile) long-distance route, known as the End to End Trail, follows paths and tracks rather than road, and takes to the hills whenever it can. The route is presented in 61 daily stages averaging just less than 32km (20 miles).


April to June, heading north, works best for this walk. This avoids the summer heat and crowds in the southwest, and reduces the risks from midges and winter conditions in Scotland.


Land's End, Barnstaple, Knighton, Hebden Bridge, Jedburgh, Fort William, John o' Groats


A 1200-mile walk needs fitness and preparation. It is advisable to train beforehand with long days out, carrying the weight you plan to take, wearing the things you plan to wear. You will still hit problems along the way with both your body and your equipment, so plan contingency into both your schedule and your finances.

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the best of Britain's hill country, coastal scenery in Devon/Cornwall, the Peak District, the Highlands
20 Jun 2023
17.20 x 11.60 x 2.20cm

This guidebook to UK's ultimate challenge walk, the End to End, describes a 1956km (1215 mile) walking route from Land's End in Cornwall to John o' Groats in Scotland's far north - the two points on mainland Britain that are the furthest apart. The recommended route avoids road walking as much as possible and frequently takes advantage of existing long-distance trails, including the South West Coast Path, Pennine Way and West Highland Way. Passing through remote terrain at times and keeping to the hills where practical, it is intended for experienced hill-walkers.

The guide includes route description and maps, concentrating on the 'gaps' between the major long-distance trails covered in other Cicerone guides. There is also a wealth of advice to help you prepare for and undertake your walk, covering equipment, safety, supplies and facilities. Notes on history, geography and local sights, along with anecdotes from those who have successfully completed the journey, add interest and inspiration.

The route is presented in 61 daily stages (each averaging around 32km), divided into 6 sections; an alternative three-month schedule is also provided. The End to End Trail promises a magnificent adventure through some of the best the British countryside can offer, and a unique sense of achievement on completion of your walk.


Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson has been walking around the hills and mountains for more years than he cares to admit to, and is a mean hand with a map and compass.  He has a habit of setting off on unreasonably optimistic expeditions and usually gets away with it.  But not always.  His family is very supportive and puts up with a lot, but he’s not quite sure why. 

Andy Robinson is the author of The End to End Trail – Land’s End to John o’ Groats on Foot and has worked together with Jay Wilson to create a guide to the John o' Groats Trail.

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