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Climbing in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas - A Climber's Cicerone guidebook

Cover of Climbing in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas
1 Feb 2004
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
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129 including routes
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Climbing in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Tafroute and Jebel el Kest

by Claude Davies
Book published by Cicerone Press

Guidebook includes climbing routes on 25 immense crags on the south side of Morocco's Jebel el Kest, 120km south-east of Agadir, based from Tafroute. The superb rock conditions on the pink quartzite rock provide excellent and adventurous rock climbing routes of up to 500 metres high across all grades.

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Climbing in the Anti-Atlas offers routes on crags on the south side of Jebel el Kest, 120km south-east of Agadir and close to the oasis town of Tafroute. Here the superb rock conditions on the pink quartzite rock of Jebel provide excellent rock climbing of up to 500 metres in height in all grades. This guide gives comprehensive coverage of approximately 25 crags, mostly unexplored by any climber.

However, it is not a place for the novice. Many of the crags are complex, and route finding can be difficult. Descents occasionally involve abseils and down-climbing in exposed situations. The weather is rarely inclement and, even when it is, it is unlikely to involve electrical storms.

  • Seasons
    All months except May to October when temperatures are too hot to contemplate climbing and walking; November and December are the “wet season”.
  • Centres
    Access is through Agadir, the climbing is based from the pleasant town of Tafroute.
  • Difficulty
    These routes are remote and long trad climbs in a wild environment. Many of the climbs are mid-grade. But there is no rescue so be prepared and equipped properly.
  • Must See
    Massive walls of barely climbed rock!


A great many new routes that have been done (there are quite a number) have in substantial part been done by climbers who have not been associated with the original team members. (The guide book has certainly resulted in many people visiting the area). Their routes have in part been recorded in a large book that is kept at Les Amandier Hotel in Tafrout. These records are often simple text with no photo.


Crag Location Maps

The Anti-Atlas Mountains
When to go
Getting there
Where to stay
Food, Drink and Money
Clothing and Footwear
The people
Geology and Geography
Fauna and Flora

Map indicating location of walks

The Climbing
History of the Climbing
Crag Names
Route Grades
Route Length
The Granite Climbing
Climbing in the Ameln Valley
Climbing on the north side of Jebel el Kest

Using the guide

Some suggested routes

The Routes on the Quartzite
Crag A – Anergui
Crag AX – Anergui
Crag B – Igordan
Crag C – Tamalont
Crag D – Tagdicht
Crag DX – Tagdicht
Crag E – Yazult
Crag F – Yazult
Crag G – Assgaour
Crag H – Assgaour
Crag HX – Assgaour
Crag J – Assgaour
Crag K – Assgaour
Crag L – Assgaour
Crag LX – Assgaour
Crag M – Assgaour
Crag N – Oumsnat
Crag O – Oumsnat
Crag P – Oumsnat
Crag Q – Oumsnat
Crag R – Tizgut
Crag RX – Aguchtim
Crag S – Tizgut
Crag T – Tizgut
Crag Y – Tighalt
Crag U – Tighalt
Crag V – Tighalt
Crag W – Tifghlte

Climbing on the North Side
Crag NA – Sidi M Zal
Crag NB – Sidi M Zal
Crag NC – Sidi M Zal
Crag ND – Sidi M Zal
Crag NE – Aseldrar

Appendix A: Further Information
Appendix B: Accommodation:Contact Details
Appendix C: Summary of Routes

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