Secrets of Mallorca's Trails

Paddy Dillon has been uncovering the secrets of trekking in Mallorca and sent these photos of the long-distance GR221 to make us jealous.

Here's something that's being kept under wraps... quite literally! It's a scoop for Cicerone so everyone can say they saw it here first!

Secrets Of Mallorca's Trails
Secrets Of Mallorca's Trails

After several years of access difficulties on the slopes above the village of Banyalbufar, everything recently ended up in court. The judge ruled that certain paths and tracks should be regarded as rights of way, and path managers moved incredibly quickly to install map-boards, signposts and waymarks. They're just waiting for a final legal rubber-stamp, then the wraps come off. The new routes will link Banyalbufar with the huge public estate of Planícia, and greatly improve the course of the long-distance GR221.

Mallorca's GR221 has a system of refuges, and this is one of the most popular, at Tossals Verds, at 520m above sea level. The distant mountain in the middle of the photo is Puig d'Alaró. It has a refuge only a few paces from its 821m summit.

Trekking in Mallorca Guidebook

Trekking in Mallorca

GR221 - The Drystone Route through the Serra de Tramuntana


Guidebook to walking the GR221 Drystone Route (Ruta de Pedra en Sec) traversing Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana between Pollença and Andratx. Following rock, paved paths and mule tracks between welcoming villages, the 140km (87 mile) trek is in 10 day stages and showcases the island's forests, mountains and drystone structures.

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