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Who are The Ramblers and What do they do to Help Protect our Public Rights of Way?

An Interview with Jack Cornish, Head of Paths for the Ramblers


Podcast with Jack Cornish, Head of Paths for the Ramblers, the largest walking community in Great Britain. Find out how the Ramblers help to protect your right to access the countryside, help more people access paths, and how they work with local authorities to restore walking routes that have been lost. So if you've always wondered what your right of access to the countryside actually is, then Jack is here to inform you.

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About our guest

Jack Cornish is the Head of Paths at the Ramblers, having worked for the organisation for five years. The Ramblers’ Paths team support thousands of volunteers who protect, improve and expand the path network across Great Britain. You can find Jack on Twitter as @Cornish_Jack.

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