24,000 reasons to visit Germany's Black Forest

How many reasons do you need to visit Germany's Black Forest? How about 24000?

Germany's Black Forest: picture-book castles, panoramic views, budget-friendly and 24,000km of routes.

Hiking And Biking In Germanys Black Forest

The Black Forest could well be described as the epitome of picture-book Germany: ancient castles perched high above small towns with quaint old timber-frame buildings, ancient wooden farmhouses sat on the side of forest-clad hills, flower-strewn mountain meadows, and sub-alpine mountain tops with panoramic views stretching as far as the Alps and the Vosges.

An extensive trail network covers 24,000km of well-marked routes providing endless possibilities for exploring this beautiful region of Germany.

The very name 'Black Forest' is deeply evocative, conjuring up images of dark, thick pine and fir tree forest stretching monotonously into the distance.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In Germany the term 'forest' is frequently applied to medium sized forested mountain ranges.

Last, but not least, the Black Forest is a budget-friendly destination. Contrary to popular belief, Germany is one of the least expensive countries in Western Europe, yet offers some of the highest standards of infrastructure, quality and service.

Getting there / getting around

Getting to the Black Forest is quite easy. The nearest international airport hub is Frankfurt. Or, it may be more convenient to fly into one of smaller, regional airports located nearer to the Black Forest. Local transport infrastructure is excellent throughout the region. Even the smallest villages are services several times a day.

The walking / cycling opportunities

The Black Forest is a hillwalker's and cyclist's dream. The terrain is so varied that walkers of all ages and abilities can find a suitable route to enjoy. Germany has a huge cycle trail network that covers the entire country. Long distance trails are routes for maximum scenic appeal and many of them follow rivers, which makes for easy cycling on mostly flat paths.

For more information, check out the Cicerone guidebook Hiking and Biking in the Black Forest.

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