Trekking Munich to Venice

The Traumpfad, 'Dream Way', a classic trek across the eastern Alps

By John Hayes

Guidebook to Der Traumpfad, 'Dream Way', through Germany and Italy, 570km from Munich to Venice across some of the best scenery in the Alps. Split into 30 stages, the guide also describes 5 alternate stages and a day's via ferrata in the Dolomites. Includes full information and accommodation lists needed for the trek.



Early July to late September.


Munich, Hall, Pfunders, Alleghe, Belluno, Venice


The walk has been designed for 'any able-bodied walker' and offers an excellent introduction to long distance hiking in the Alps. It is mountainous, however, and a head for heights is essential. There is an abundance of accommodation along the route with the 30 day itinerary assuming walks of between 4 and 9 hours.
Must See

Must See

Regarded by many German hikers as the journey of a lifetime, 'The Dreamway' visits some of the Alp's finest scenery: the Karwendel, Tux and Zillertal Alps and the Dolomites.
7 Nov 2016
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
  • Overview

    This guidebook describes the 570km (354 mile) Traumpfad or 'Dream Way', an Alpine trek from Munich's Mariënplatz to the Piazza San Marco in Venice. The route is broken into 30 stages of between 5hrs 30mins and 9hrs, graded according to difficulty, with 5 alternative stages and the option to spend a day traversing a section of Italy's famous via ferrata in the Dolomites. Previous experience of Alpine trekking is not necessary as the route is suitable for most able walkers: however, a head for heights is essential.

    Known as 'Europe’s playground', the Alps boast an unrivalled walking infrastructure and breath-taking views of angular peaks, flower-strewn valleys and verdant slopes. Hugely popular with German trekkers but little-known in the English-speaking world, Der Traumpfad revels in this stunning scenery. The route passes through German Bavaria then Austria before entering the Italian Tyrol, taking advantage of the region's extensive network of mountain huts for accommodation en route.

    With custom-designed mapping and stunning colour photography, the guide has all you need to get the best from your trek. Alongside detailed route descriptions, there is useful practical advice on when to go, what to take and refreshment stops, background information on the region's fascinating history, plants and wildlife and full contact details for over 80 places to stay. The result is an ideal companion to discovering this amazing route, regarded by many German trekkers as 'the hiking experience of a lifetime'.

  • Contents

    History of the region
    The invention of a mountain pilgrimage
    The route
    The Alpine seasons
    Alpine flowers, animals and birds
    What’s the walking like?
    How hard is it?
    How long will it take?
    When to go
    Hut life
    Planning your walk
    What to take
    Finding your way
    Using this guide
    1 Munich to the Inn Valley
    Stage 1 Munich to Wolfratshausen
    Stage 2 Wolfratshausen to Bad Tölz
    Stage 3 Bad Tölz to the Tutzinger Hütte
    Stage 4 Tutzinger Hütte to Vorderriß
    Stage 5 Vorderriß to the Karwendelhaus
    Stage 6 Karwendelhaus to the Hallerangerhaus
    Stage 7A Hallerangerhaus to Hall
    Stage 7B Hallerangerhaus to Wattens
    2 Inn Valley to Pfunders
    Stage 8A Hall to the Glungezer Hütte
    Stage 8B Wattens to the Lizumer Hütte
    Stage 9 Glungezer Hütte to the Lizumer Hütte
    Stage 10 Lizumer Hütte to the Tuxer Joch Haus
    Stage 11A Tuxer Joch Haus to the Olpererhütte
    Stage 11B Tuxer Joch Haus to the Geraerhütte
    Stage 12A Olpererhütte to Stein
    Stage 12B Geraerhütte to Stein
    Stage 13 Stein to Pfunders
    3 Pfunders to Alleghe
    Stage 14 Pfunders to Kreuzwiesen Alm
    Stage 15 Kreuzwiesen Alm to the Schlüterhütte (Rifugio Genova)
    Stage 16 Schlüterhütte to the Puezhütte
    Stage 17 Puezhütte (Rifugio Puez) to Rifugio Boè
    Stage 18 Rifugio Boè to Rifugio Viel dal Pan
    Stage 19 Rifugio Viel dal Pan to Alleghe
    4 Alleghe to Belluno
    Stage 20 Alleghe to Rifugio Tissi
    Stage 21 Rifugio Tissi to Rifugio Bruto Carestiato
    Stage 22 Rifugio Bruto Carestiato to Rifugio Pian de Fontana
    Stage 23A Rifugio Pian de Fontana to Rifugio 7th Alpini
    Stage 23B Rifugio Pian de Fontana to Belluno
    Stage 24 Rifugio 7th Alpini to Belluno
    5 Belluno to Venice
    Stage 25 Belluno to Rifugio Col Visentin
    Stage 26 Rifugio Col Visentin to Tarzo
    Stage 27 Tarzo to Ponte della Priulä
    Stage 28 Ponte della Priulä to Bocca Callalta
    Stage 29 Bocca Callalta to Jesolo
    Stage 30 Jesolo to Venice

    Appendix A Route planner
    Appendix B Accommodation along the route
    Appendix C Useful contacts

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    Aug 2017

    On Page 198 the photograph caption should read Forcella Caneva, the next pass, rather than Forcella Torond. The text also states ‘continue east’ after Forcella Caneva when in fact your continuing west.

    June 2017

    Drinking Water - Munich to Venice

    On trips from Munich to Venice I carried a 2 litre camelbak and getting it filled up was never a problem. The density of huts or farmhouses along the route meant top ups were readily available (although the tap water is not always drinkable). Once in the mountains local walkers tend to fill their bottles up from streams.

    January 2017

    Overview map – pg 90

    The Friesenbergscharte is incorrectly placed on the map between Lizumer Hutte and Tuxer Joch Haus. The map with the correct placement is below:

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John Hayes is a retired management consultant with degrees from Liverpool University and University College London. Immediately after finishing work in 2011 he embarked on an epic 5000km trek across Europe, walking from Tarifa in Spain to Budapest. John has written for numerous walking and trekking magazines. John has walked the Camiño dos Faros twice, in April 2016 (with Christine his wife) and in June 2017.

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