A new era begins for Everest trekking guidebook

Cicerone's Everest Trekking guidebook is to have a new author.

Kev Reynolds, author of Everest: A Trekker's guide is passing on his knowledge and ideas to Radek Kucharski, author of another Cicerone Himalaya guide, Trekking in Ladakh.

In a move to keep the Everest trekking guidebook fully up to date, Radek was delighted to take on the challenge. His love and respect for the mountains, particularly the Himalaya, combined with his extensive knowledge of mapping and conservation make him the ideal choice as the new author.

In recent years Kev has struggled to cope with the demands made by high altitude trekking on his damaged lungs. While his sadness at not being able to return to his beloved Nepal is profound, he is more than compensated by the knowledge that his guidebook will be in safe hands for many years to come.

Everest trekking guide Cicerone

Making plans for the new Everest Trekking guidebook

Kev, Radek and Jonathan spent a day at Kev's home in Kent working together to discuss and develop new ideas for the Everest guidebook. All three were then at the Adventure Travel Show 2016 at Olympia, where we took the symbolic photograph (top) as the guide was passed from Kev to Radek.

One of the highlights of the show was Kev's talk on trekking in Nepal, as he gave his packed audience a taste of the delightful stories of his decades of exploration in the Himalaya, many of the stories taken from his book Abode of the Gods. We had a bit of a stampede to the Cicerone stand at the show to buy copies of the book for Kev to sign – all greatly encouraged by the fact that all profits from the sale of that book go directly to Community Action Nepal (CAN) to help remote Nepalese villages devastated by the earthquakes of 2015.

The next Everest guidebook will provide even more information and routes in this fantastic trekking region, and is expected to be published in 2018.

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