Bivvying in the UK: stories and tips with Ronald Turnbull

Sleeping out on hilltops and hillsides in a bivvybag


With just a sleeping bag and a bivvybag, bivvying allows you to immerse yourself in the landscape and enjoy sunsets, sunrises and the stars. In this episode of highlights from our Cicerone Live event, we hear all about bivvying on hillsides and hilltops in the UK from Cicerone author and bivvying enthusiast Ronald Turnbull. Ronald has enjoyed many nights sleeping out on hilltops and hillsides in the UK and completed his 100th hilltop bivvy earlier this year. He tells us the history of bivvying and stories of his hilltop experiences offers before offering advice on dealing with condensation and how to make bivvying a comfortable experience. Ronald has also dealt with plenty of cold nights out on the hills in wintery weather and pouring rain, and offers advice on how to avoid that experience, or chase it if you fancy some 'enjoyable misery'!

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Feature · 9 Nov 2015

Bivvying or Bothying – you decide

The pros and cons of sleeping in a bivvy bag or a bothy. Our two outdoor experts and authors Ronald Turnbull and Phoebe Smith have a lively exchange of views. While you can bivvy virtually anywhere, bothies are old stone houses run by the Mountain...

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