Hidden Gem - Walking in Cumbria’s Eden valley

Our Hidden Gem of the month is Walking in Cumbria’s Eden valley. Lesley Williams took a while to discover this delightful ‘secret’ area for walking.

Vital stats:

  • Stretching from the Yorkshire Dales north and west towards Carlisle, the valley includes nature reserves, historic tracks, castles and dramatic geology.
  • Short walks and longer day walks, both upland and river valley routes
  • Beautiful in any season – bleak moorlands in winter, spring flowers and lambs in the fields, summer away from the crowds of neighbouring Yorkshire Dales and Lake District honeypots, and autumn colours of the trees and purple heather hillsides.

Where is it?

What does the author say?

If Cumbria’s beautiful Eden Valley were anywhere but right next to the Lake District, it would be full of tourists. As it is though, few venture this far from the National Park, leaving locals to delight in the fact that they have this wonderful area, with its rich natural and human heritage, all to themselves.

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What is so special about this book?

Despite living within an hours drive of every walk described, I hadn’t explored the area in any depth. The book is great – interesting and cleverly devised circular walks, picking out the best views and landscapes. Working through the routes in the book I have come to appreciate what a delightful ‘secret’ area this is for walking.

A one-line review:

Between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, these are lovely walks for all abilities. Don’t tell everyone about how special it is!

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