Cicerone and Coronavirus Covid-19

A statement from Cicerone regarding the Coronavirus, Covid-19. This statement may occasionally appear to be slightly out of date . What is vitally important is that you follow Government instructions at this time, to keep you, your family, your friends and your neighbours as safe as possible.

Over the last 20 years, Cicerone has lived through, responded, and grown despite a number of unexpected events; Foot and Mouth closed the entire British countryside in 2001, while the financial crash of 2008 and 9/11 sent ripples of fear throughout the world about travel and flying.

Coronavirus is undoubtedly one of the biggest, and more unpredictable challenges we have faced, both as individuals, but also as a company reliant upon people wishing to travel and explore. We have talked of little else recently, and as a company we are taking every step to ensure that we can continue to offer our customers the best possible service.

Walking, cycling and running in the fresh air and wide open spaces remains one of the safest things you can do, however for now, it's vitally important that you follow Government instructions and save your plans and dreams for later, when the world can return to normal. Over the coming weeks we will do our best to help you explore suggestions and ideas as to how you can make the best of an incredibly difficult time, while remaining safe and minimising close contact with others.

The Cicerone office is closed for the time being, with a skeleton staff working remotely from home, and while phone calls into our offices may occasionally take a little longer for us to respond to, we will continue to answer every enquiry, whether by phone or email. Our central warehouse in Glasgow has made thorough preparations to ensure that supply of orders will not be interrupted, and we are working closely with our printers to ensure that, where possible, we can maintain stocks of our range of nearly 400 titles.

If it's possible, supporting your local bookshops and outdoor stores will ensure that they are there for you when times get better. Order online directly from them but keep the ideas flowing. One thing that Cicerone are proud and confident about is that we can give you the best information to guide you on a walk, or a trek or ride out in the countryside, hills and mountains. It's all about planning and dreaming for a better future, which will come, eventually.

There will be challenges ahead in the coming months, as many of our authors experience travel restrictions and will simply be unable to enter some parts of the world to research new books or update existing ones. But this situation will change, and it will eventually pass.

There are some positive messages coming out of the gloom. Going for a walk from home is good for you, keeps you out in the fresh air, boosts your wellbeing, immune system and fitness to fight anything that comes your way. Keep it very local, and always strictly follow Government instructions. You may not know who you are walking next to, or queueing too close to – they may have high risk conditions, so are literally taking their life in their hands to get essential food, or they may be carrying the virus, but not yet know it.

So don’t stop walking, but do take things more slowly, gently, carefully. If we can’t travel anywhere, then explore your back yard. If you can’t get out then keep dreaming, reading and planning, whether for the weekend, or the summer, or even for next year.

All our best wishes,

Jonathan and Lesley and the Cicerone Team.

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