Cicerone is rebranding - April Fools' Day 2017

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It's time for a change... Cicerone have been publishing guidebooks for nearly 50 years yet almost nobody can pronounce our name the way we say it. So we thought it's time for a change and when we roll out our new website we will be called "Sisserone". Thank you all for being part of our journey and exploring the world with us.


Wesley Williams, Sisserone's Marketing Director had this to say about the name change: "Ever since I started working here, I wondered why the company was called Cicerone. We'd go to outdoor shows and exhibitions to meet customers and nobody could say our name correctly. Finally everyone will be on the same page."

"I always avoided buying their guidebooks in the past," says regular walker Caroline Combs. "I was just too embarrassed to ask for them in bookshops for fear of saying it wrong. It's such a relief that Sisserone have taken this step. Now I can look forward to going to Waterstones to buy a copy of their Swiss Coast Path guidebook."

Cassie has worked for Sisserone for years but is still too shy to say the name out loud.

We understand Cassie. And Caroline.

This change is for you.

In this video Joe explains how to pronounce the new name.

How to say Sisserone:

Here's a couple of the new guidebooks for April, complete with our lovely new name:


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