Discovering the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail (GR70)

Greg Chase followed in Robert Louis Stevenson's footsteps in the mountains of southern France – and made a film!

In April and May of 2018 I hiked Le Chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson with my good friend Greg Chase.

Designated the GR70, in the mountains of southern France, the route follows or recreates the path that author Robert Louis Stevenson took in the fall of 1878. He bought a donkey, named it Modestine and hiked through the Velay, Gevaudan and Cevennes mountains... a 150-mile journey.

He returned home to Scotland and wrote a book titled Travels with a Donkey, which helped launch is literary career. The book is still available and read today.

Because of my family's reported ancestral link to Stevenson, I've wanted to do the hike for years and now I've done it! It was a great experience. Watch and enjoy.

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