Giant glacier breaks apart

Gillian Price has sent us this information regarding the giant Forni glacier, visited in her guide to Italy's Stelvio National Park.

News from the Italian Glacier Register and CAI, the Italian Alpine Club.

As of August 2015, the 'giant' Forni glacier, the most extensive valley glacier in Italy, is no longer a single glacier but has split into three smaller tongues - one in the valley and two separate bodies of ice higher up. This worrying fact was registered at the end of one of the warmest summers on record. It has been calculated that over the last 26 years the glaciers in the Italian Central Alps alone have lost 2000 million litres of water - the equivalent of 800,000 olympic sized swimming pools (or four times the volume of Umbria's Lake Trasimeno).
Readers of Italian can learn more from the Italian Alpine Club. If you have any further information, or images, please let us know in the comments.
Image from the Rifugio Branca website.
Map of  Italy

Gillian Price

Gillian Price was born in England but has lived in Venice for many years. Gillian has steadily explored the mountain ranges of Italy, and Corsica, and brought them to life for visitors in a series of outstanding guides for Cicerone. She is an active member of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and Mountain Wilderness.

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