Take a moment to enjoy Snowdonia
Take a moment to enjoy Snowdonia

Meet our Cicerone Connect members: "Oh the places we have been!"

Cicerone Connect, our new Facebook community, has become a brilliant place to share your trip photos, planning questions and bucket-list ideas. We thought we'd share a few pictures from our wonderful members - thank you so much for sharing these, it's lovely to see our books being put to good use! If you're on Facebook do come and join us.

Barry Hart shares some photos from his first trip using a Cicerone Press guidebook, the Tour du Mont Blanc in 1985:

"The photos are scanned from slides so not the best quality, but this walk got me hooked on the Alps! Unfortunately most of the glaciers have shrunk considerably since this time!"

He's also walked the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites using our guidebook and, as we can see, there is "stunning scenery the whole way!".

Elizabeth Moore shared a video likening her local walk to the "scary Levada do Curral from Paddy Dillon's book 'Walking on Madeira'... On the Levada do Curral the drainage grilles are lower down, otherwise it's pretty much like Clapham Common."



Heather Kirkland has done lots of Cicerone walks and has given us a "shelfie" to admire as well as these photos from her travels.

Cicerone author Alex Kendall shared a gorgeous photo from his next book so we can "get excited about heading off on adventures before too long 🤗".

He also deserves an honourable mention for pointing out how incredibly accurate our guidebooks are, right down to the teapot!

"That moment when you're using a Cicerone guide to walk a trail and you come across the exact same tea pot as in the book photo! 🤠".

Another Cicerone author Carroll Dorgan says:

"This would be a great time to go cycling - sunny, mild weather and few cars on the roads - but such outings are limited by the confinement rules. Instead, I can summon memories from 2018 of a bicycle trip along the Loire River, from its source at Gerbier de Jonc (Ardèche) to its estuary on the Atlantic at Saint-Brévin-les-Pins. Mike Wells' book guided me smoothly along those 1000 km."

Peter Adcock would also love to be re-cycling the Hebridean Way although he's making do with Bristol. Watch out for those otters!

"In September 2019 I cycled solo along the Hebridean Way (NCN route 780). Six days across 10 islands, some fantastic scenery, mostly decent weather and some wonderful people. I'd highly recommend this route. The Cicerone guide "Cycling in the Hebrides" covers this route and there is a wealth of great information on the recently opened, clearly waymarked route."

And some more people who've been missing their bikes. Tristram has been on a pretend cycle tour whilst Jim's ticklist hasn't had any new completions in a while!

"'Mountain Biking in the Lake District' is one of my favourite Cicerone guidebooks - ticking off the trails over the past few years has given some beautiful days out in lovely parts of the Lakes, mostly away from hotspots. And some great riding. Thanks to all involved." Jim Metcalfe.

"I had a mini adventure today. Touring bike fully kitted out, I did a 20 mile loop from my home, taking in much of the Colliers Trail, NCN 24. Then, once home, my tent is set up for my camping adventure. 😃😃😃" Tristram Carter

Cicerone's Clare has been enjoying some extra drawing time as well as getting out walking round Kendal.


Sophie Barraclough gives us an unusual wedding anniversary idea...:

"Our next trip was going to be to explore the Dolomites this year. Our last big trip was in 2017 to do the GR20 in Corsica - the Cicerone book was our bible for the trip and was a completely invaluable guide!

Whilst most people might go on a cruise to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, we grabbed our tents, stuck rucksacks on our backs and took our two teenage sons along with us (15 & 18 at the time). It was an amazing trip (if a little stoney underfoot.....and if you've done it you will know what I mean!!) x"

Here are some more gems from the facebook group members. There are loads more in the group so please do have a look at www.facebook.com/group/ciceroneconnect.

And finally, Max Ralston sums up pretty much how we're all feeling. Fingers crossed indeed!

"In September of 2017 I hiked the GR20, Paddy Dillon's guide in hand, and since have hardly gone a week without thinking of its rugged scenery and the escapism of the trail. Now about to finish uni I'd planned to do another great trek, and hopefully one with the same sense of camaraderie gained over a bowl of something warm and a cold beer (or two) in the Refuge. However, with borders across Europe closed and nobody knowing when the networks of mountain huts will reopen I'm waiting and hoping that there will be the opportunity for my adventure before the end of the Alpine walking season. Fingers crossed!"

The GR20. Photo by Max Ralston
The GR20. Photo by Max Ralston

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