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Monthly Focus: The Hebrides

Some of the finest walking in the British Isles can be found in the Hebrides, the isles lay scattered like rough gemstones along Scotland's Atlantic seaboard, offering stunning views with an array of views, experiences and activities. The Hebrides have much to offer to people willing to adventure that little bit further for something special.

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Walk all along the Hebrides with Peter Edwards' guide, a choice of 50 stunning walking and backpacking routes, tackle classic hillwalking challenges with Dan Bailey's guide to Great Mountain Days in Scotland, or navigate them in an entirely different way with Richard Barrett's guide to Cycling in the Hebrides. Adventure your way with Cicerone.

If you're looking for a more specific Hebridean adventure within the archipelago, we have guides from Richard Barrett, Terry Marsh, Paddy Dillon, Mike Townsend & Peter Edwards covering the biggest and smallest of the isles.

Want to know more about the Hebrides? Find an article written by our team or our authors below.