Nepal Earthquake: One Year On

In April 2015 an earthquake devastated large parts of Nepal and killed around 8900 of its citizens. Cicerone author Kev Reynolds reflects on the Nepal Earthquake: one year on.

In April 2015 an earthquake devastated large parts of Nepal and killed around 8900 of its citizens. Cicerone author Kev Reynolds reflects on the Nepal Earthquake: one year on.

Kev Reynolds has spent huge chunks of his life trekking in Nepal and became extremely close to some of the people he met. In fact, he was so touched by his time in this charming and resilient country that Kev was eager to veer away from writing trekking guidebooks and instead wrote a memoir of his time trekking in Nepal: Abode of the Gods. The book was already in publication at the time the earthquake hit but, after a quick discussion, it was agreed that the full proceeds of the book would be donated to charity to help locals deal with the aftermath.

Some good news from Nepal

In May 2016 Kev is at last celebrating some good news from the Langtang Valley – one of the worst-hit areas. On his first visit in 1994 Kev spent time with a young Tamang family in their home near Langtang village, and wrote about them in Abode of the Gods. When the earthquake of 25 April 2015 struck, Langtang Lirung, a 7000m mountain that walls the valley, released a massive avalanche that buried Langtang village and large parts of the neighbourhood, including the group of houses where the Tamang family lived….

Nepal Earthquake: One Year On, Cicerone Press

Some of the devastation caused by the earthquake

Now Kev has received news from Radek Kucharski (author of the splendid Trekking in Ladakh) that on his recent visit to the Langtang Valley, he discovered that miraculously, the family was in Kathmandu at the time of the earthquake, and has survived unscathed. One year on, Kev is celebrating the good news with a smile that (he says) just won’t go away!

Kev is also celebrating because he and his wife’s fundraising efforts for the earthquake relief have just topped £21,000 through special events, lectures and sales of Abode of the Gods. No wonder Kev keeps smiling!

The proceeds of Abode of the Gods are being donated to Community Action Nepal, the Cumbria-based charity set up by mountaineer Doug Scott to provide shelter, healthcare and education in remote Nepalese communities.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit

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Kev Reynolds

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