Outdoor Photography

By Jon Sparks, Chiz Dakin

This practical handbook covers digital outdoor photography and the whole range of outdoor activities including walking, running, cycling, water sports (in and on the water), as participant or spectator. Covers basic concepts, equipment and processing and optimising your images back at base.

11 Aug 2011
21.6 x 13.8 x 1.6cm
  • Overview

    Photography and the outdoors could have been made for each other. This book is about making the most of that connection. Outdoor enthusiasts who want their photographs to do full justice to the quality of their outdoor experiences need look no further.

    Building on the foundations of the original Cicerone guide to outdoor photography, this second edition has been rewritten from the ground up. Fully up-to-date with the latest digital developments, it is naturally illustrated with a host of stunning images, giving you a taste of what you may learn to achieve. Professional outdoor photographers Jon Sparks and Chiz Dakin introduce and explain essential technical concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure and depth of field – all essentials in making the most of your subject matter. But don’t worry, the authors use only the clearest possible language to explain these terms, so you won’t be lost in jargon.

    This edition has also been expanded to cover a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you wish to take photos as a participant or a spectator, Jon and Chiz offer help for shooting walking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, and even underwater scenes. With advice on what equipment is needed, and how to protect it from the elements, as well as guidance on camera settings for each situation

    The emphasis is on practical, realistic advice for people who want to take better photographs of what they like doing best, while still enjoying that activity to the full.

  • Contents

    First Light           

    1  Beyond point and shoot
    2  Hardware for the outdoor photographer          
    3  Places and people          
    4  Wildlife and nature          
    5  Walking and running          
    6  Roped sports – climbing, abseiling and mountaineering          
    7  Wheel sports          
    8  On the water          
    9  Underwater          
    10  Trekking and expeditions          
    11  Extreme conditions          
    12  Bring it back home          
    13  Putting it all together           

    Appendix I  Geekspeak          
    Appendix II  Movies        
    Appendix III  Links and further reading

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  • Reviews

    In their introduction, the authors state that ‘Photography should add to the outdoor experience. It shouldn’t get in the way.’

    Knowing a little bit more about what to do and how to do it can only help. Going beyond the point and shoot in order to get the sort of photographs most of us get completely by fluke!

    I found the layout and plain language really useful. I particularly like the little summary text boxes with top tips.

    Whatever your level of photography, there’s some good advice and ideas for you. I am sure many will find this guide useful.

    Mountain Rescue magazine, October 2011

    'As you would expect it is fully illustrated with stunning colour photographs, explains essential technical concepts in simple terms, and is full of practical, realistic advice.'

    The Bradway Bugle, Spring 2013

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Jon Sparks

Jon Sparks is a photographer and writer based in Garstang. He has been a lover of cycling, especially cycling in Lancashire, for many years. His background includes riding road races and hill climbs very badly, and time trials not quite so badly. More recently he's become a dedicated mountain biker and has also ridden a number of road sportives.
Jon is also a walker and (now very occasional) rock climber and mountaineer. He is a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.

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Chiz Dakin

Chiz Dakin's cycle touring adventures almost happened by accident, when after a local photography trip by bike she realised that she'd done 50 miles in a single day with a reasonably heavy load. This led to the disconnected logic that if she could do that once, she was now ready to tackle multi-day cycle touring, and two weeks later set out on the Land's End to John o' Groats route.
Since then she's done several other multi-day trips including a pioneering Welsh coast cycle route (600 miles and 16km of ascent) but still maintains that you don't need to be seriously fit or fast to enjoy long multi-day routes. (She certainly makes no claim to being either!) She has also recently won an award for her photography.

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