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Podcast · 15 Feb 2023

Environmental Education in Yosemite

Moose Mutlow returns to the podcast to chat with Hannah about the work he does around environmental education in Yosemite National Park in California. Find out how Moose teaches young people to not just understand but treasure this National Park...

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Podcast · 1 Feb 2023

Tips for Staying Safe Outdoors

Today on the podcast Hannah is joined by Moose Mutlow. Moose has been the voice of swiftwater safety and rescue in Yosemite National Park for more than a decade and is the author of “When Accidents Happen - a guide to working with crisis...

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Podcast · 18 Jan 2023

Getting Outdoors on a Budget

Today on the podcast, blogger and author Fi Darby joins us to give you her top tips on how you can save money when getting outdoors. Listen in for great advice on where you can buy cheap gear, what pieces of kit you can substitute out safely, and...

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Podcast · 4 Jan 2023

Who are The Ramblers and What do they do to Help Protect our Public Rights of Way?

Podcast with Jack Cornish, Head of Paths for the Ramblers, the largest walking community in Great Britain. Find out how the Ramblers help to protect your right to access the...

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Podcast · 21 Dec 2022

Winter Climbing in Scotland Live Event Highlights

Today we're bringing you the highlights of our Cicerone Live Event on Winter Climbing in Scotland where Joe was joined by Mike Pescod for an expert Q&A. Mike is here to talk...

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Podcast · 7 Dec 2022

An Interview with Team GB Telemark Skier Jasmin Taylor

Today Hannah is joined by Team GB's World Cup Telemark Ski Racer, Jasmin Taylor. Jaz holds the record for the British skier with the most World Cup and World Championships...

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Podcast · 23 Nov 2022

Hiking in Hong Kong Live Event Highlights

Today we're bringing you the highlights from our November Cicerone Live event with authors​​ Simon Whitmarsh and Andrew Mok. They're talking about their new guidebook, Hiking...

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Podcast · 9 Nov 2022

The GR65 - Via Podiensis

Today Hannah is joined by Cicerone author Dave Whitson to talk about his new guidebook to the Via Podiensis (Chemin du Puy) pilgrim route along the GR65 through southern France to the Pyrenees. The 750km route links Le Puy-en-Velay with...

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Podcast · 26 Oct 2022

Hiking and Cycling the California Missions Trail

Today we're bringing you the highlights from our October Cicerone Live event with author Sandy Brown, who will be discussing the 800 mile (1289km) California Missions Trail...

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Podcast · 12 Oct 2022

Walking in Catalunya

Today Hannah is joined by Jacint and Nike, the authors of the upcoming Cicerone guidebook Walking in Catalunya - Barcelona, to talk all about the experience of writing the book and what you can expect of the region. The guidebook covers 32 varied...

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Podcast · 28 Sept 2022

Scottish Wild Country Backpacking - Expert Q&A

This episode is the highlights from Stefan Durkacz and David Lintern's Live Event on Scottish Wild Country Backpacking. The pair joined Hannah to talk all about their new...

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Podcast · 14 Sept 2022

The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Bryan Jones, the Head of School at the University of Central Lancashire. Bryan's background is in performance sport, having worked as a sport psychologist, strength and conditioning coach and performance coach...

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Podcast · 31 Aug 2022

Costa Blanca - the perfect place for Mountain Adventures

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Mark Eddy to talk about the upcoming multi-activity guidebook to outdoor adventure in Spain's Costa Blanca, with 60 route suggestions...

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Podcast · 17 Aug 2022

Hiking the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru

This episode is the highlights from August's Cicerone Live event. Joe Williams has just been hiking the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru and he loved it. He joins Hannah to chat about the route, how to say llama, and to discover what is finally capable...

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Podcast · 3 Aug 2022

Sarah Williams on Walking the Wales Coast Path in 50 Days

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Sarah Williams of Tough Girl Challenges to talk about her experiences walking the entire Wales Coast Path in only 50 days. The Wales Coast...

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Podcast · 20 Jul 2022

England Coast Path Live Event Highlights

This episode is the highlights from July's Cicerone Live event on the England Coast Path with Andrew McCloy, author of Great Walks on the England Coast Path 30 classic walks on the longest National Trail. The England Coast Path, once fully open,...

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Podcast · 6 Jul 2022

Walking in Italy

In this episode, Hannah is joined by author Gillian Price to give you an overview of the amazing and varied walking routes and food you'll find in Italy. Italy offers wonderful opportunities to walk and trek. Stretching from the Maritime Alps to...

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Podcast · 22 Jun 2022

Mont Blanc Treks

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Sara Wild, owner of Mont Blanc Treks to talk all about this truly world class route. Find out about some of the world's finest mountain scenery; Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe; the Chamonix...

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Podcast · 8 Jun 2022

Walking the Brittany Coast Path

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Carroll Dorgan, author of the new Cicerone guidebook on the Brittany Coast Path. The guidebook details the 624km section of French long-distance route the GR34 (or Sentier des Douaniers, the Customs Officers'...

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Podcast · 25 May 2022

Behind the Scenes of the Wales Coast Path

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Sioned Humphreys from the Wales Coast Path team to continue our celebration of 10 years of the Wales Coast Path. Find out all about the work...

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Podcast · 11 May 2022

Ten Years of the Wales Coast Path: Live Events Highlights

This episode is the highlights from May's Cicerone Live event celebrating 10 years of the majestic Wales Coast Path with Paddy Dillon, the author of the Wales Coast Path...

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Podcast · 27 Apr 2022

Dolomites Live Event Highlights

This episode is the highlights from April's Cicerone Live event on The Dolomites - an exciting and adventurous holiday destination in both summer and winter. Join Hannah and Dolomites enthusiast, Joe Williams as they discuss where you can walk,...

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Podcast · 13 Apr 2022

Cycling the Ruta Via de la Plata in Spain

John Hayes joins Hannah on the podcast to talk about cycling the Ruta Via de la Plata through Western Spain, covering the 924km route from Seville to the coastal city of Gijón...

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Podcast · 30 Mar 2022

Hiking The Camino in Winter

Cicerone's Maddy Williams joins Hannah this week to talk about her experience hiking the month long Camino pilgrimage stretching from St Jean-Pied-de-Port in Southern France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Find out all about her experience and...

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Podcast · 16 Mar 2022

International Women's Day 2022 Special

To make up for the cancelled Cicerone Live last week, we're bringing the International Women's Day special to the podcast. Hannah will be joined by Sarah Williams (adventurer and founder of Tough Girl Challenges) and Cressida Allwood (adventurer...

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Podcast · 2 Mar 2022

Trekking from Hoek van Holland to Nice on the GR5

Author Carroll Dorgan joins Hannah this week to talk about the entire GR5 trail, from the North Sea all the way down through Benelux, Lorraine, the Vosges, and past Lake Geneva...

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Podcast · 16 Feb 2022

Ask the Experts: Cycle touring special

In the highlights from February's Cicerone Live event, our experts answer all your questions about cycle touring. If you've wondered about how to get started with cycle touring, or you need some inspiration for where to go, or perhaps advice on...

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Podcast · 2 Feb 2022

Trekking the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail through France

Authors Nike and Jacint answer all our questions about the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail, the long-distance walking route through France. We discover top tips for trek packing,...

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Podcast · 19 Jan 2022

Nicky Spinks and the Tor de Geants race

Traversing over 300km of mountainous terrain, the Tor de Geants (Giants' Trail) is an epic running race in the Italian Alps. Joe was lucky enough to talk to the legendary Nicky Spinks about her third place finish at the 2021 event. Here we hear...

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Podcast · 5 Jan 2022

Walking and trekking in Romania

Hannah chats with Janneke Klop about the splendour of walking and trekking in the mountains of Romania. The massive number of mountains means that there is something for everyone in this country - from short and fun walks for children to exposed...

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