Trekking the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail through France

Advice for hiking the GR70 through France's Valais and Cevennes regions


Authors Nike and Jacint answer all our questions about the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail, the long-distance walking route through France. We discover top tips for trek packing, hear about the walking in France and discuss the pros and cons of trekking with a donkey.

Nike and Jacint have also written several articles offering advice and inspiration for different walking and trekking routes and these, as well as their book, can be found on the Cicerone website: Https://

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Robert Louis Stevenson

Video · 6 Feb 2021

Discovering the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail (GR70)

Greg Chase followed in Robert Louis Stevenson's footsteps in the mountains of southern France – and made a film!

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