Progress on the Cicerone School

Work is progressing on the rebuilding of "the Cicerone school" in Nepal, one of our fundraising projects for 2019. Here are some photos of the work done so far.

The Juniper Trust has been busy building "the Cicerone school" in Rawa Dolu, Nepal. It was devastated by the earthquake in 2015 and the children in the village are desperate for a more solid building.

Here are the latest pictures of the new three-classroom school and toilet block.

Cicerone Press, as part of our 50th celebrations, are supporting the Juniper Trust to help with this school. £1 from every book sold on the Cicerone website in 2019 will go to our two fundraising projects. Customers have the opportunity to match this, or donate more if they wish, at the checkout.

Img 1338
Img 1336
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Img 1339
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Img 1331
Img 1330
Img 1329
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Img 1328
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Img 1324
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Img 1318
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