Walking on Gran Canaria (Tell Us Your Story)

We woke up to a warm and sunny Christmas day. We were on Gran Canaria and spent every day of our holiday exploring this island on foot. Our plan for Christmas day was to walk up to the highest point in Gran Canaria, to Pico de las Nieves.

Our walks were based on the Cicerone Walking on Gran Canaria guidebook, but we had to customize some of the walks.

Our plan for Christmas day was to walk up to the highest point in Gran Canaria, to Pico de las Nieves. We hired a car which meant easier access to routes and more flexibility, but also meant we couldn't do any long linear walks.

The guidebook suggested starting the walk from Santa Lucia village, and heading along the path which leads to Taidia. Looking at the map in the book we decided to start from Taidia instead as our plan was to walk back on the same route once we reached Pico de las Nieves.

Walking In Gran Canaria
Walking In Gran Canaria

The road became very narrow, there was nowhere to park and we couldn't work it out where we could join in the path after the houses of Taidia. Probably we shouldn't have tried to cheat the trail written in the book. After searching for a while for the path, we decided that we would try to do the walk from the other end, as reading the description of the walk in our book; it sounded more beautiful.

We started the walk from Gruz Grande, and soon we were walking on a spectacular, zigzagging path, uphill on the mountainside. Giant cliffs were towering above us and we had a fantastic view as we walked. We met with other walkers and it made me happy to see that many people chose walking as an activity for that day.

The path took us on stony slopes before we entered a pine forest. There was a small junction where we picked the path on the right hand side and begun walking uphill towards Pico de las Nieves. As we stopped to look around we saw El Teide towering on Tenerife in the distance. After few turns we decided to conquer the bare mountain top on the right. Breathtaking view welcomed us on the top. As we looked around magnificent panorama opened up; we saw a group of tiny houses down in the valley in one side, and the surrounding mountains on the other side, and in the distance towering above the clouds El Teide was visible.

At the end we didn''t continue to our walk to Pico de las Nieves where a road might have taken away the beauty of this walk. We were happy on that mountain sitting on the rocks taking photos to help us to remember this beautiful day.

This ‘tell us your story’ article was sent in by Nike Wersroh. If you'd like to share a story with us then please do - we love to hear how you've been using your guidebooks.

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