The Mountains of Andorra

Walks, Scrambles, Via Ferratas and Treks

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Out of Stock
21 Apr 2005
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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Guide to 60 walking routes in little-known Andorra. The guidebook includes numerous paths with scrambles, summits, via ferratas and a week-long Andorra circuit. Covers Arinsal, Sispony, Arcalis and Angonella, Valls Sorteny and Rialb, Montcaup, Ordino, Casamanya, Valls del Riu, Ransol, D'Incles, Circ de Pessons, Cortals and Vall del Madrui.

Seasons Seasons
Summer weather usually excellent from May to September. Snow may have melted in May; sometimes persists until well into June.
Centres Centres
Encamp and towns on the main valley road, but the real delight of Andorra is the higher mountain villages such as Arinsal and Ordino.
Difficulty Difficulty
Everything from easy walks, long walks and a trek, to scrambles and (if this is your bag) the excitement of via ferratas.
Must See Must See
The scrambly walking on the frontier ridges, mountain villages, an outstanding refuge network. NOT the valley, but this is soon left behind.
Out of Stock
21 Apr 2005
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
  • Overview

    This is a guide to the walks, scrambles, via ferratas and treks in the tiny Pyrenean country of Andorra. Hidden away in the mountains between France and Spain, Andorra has only 468 square kilometres, but they include excellent Pyrenean potential. This guide includes 58 walk and scramble routes throughout the country, as well as 9 via ferrata routes and the 6-stage Andorra Circuit - a trek around the Principality.

    With 80 mountain lakes and a host of elegant peaks Andorra offers a breathtaking range of walks in a compact area. This is a country of high, rocky passes, snow-speckled summits, flower-strewn mountain meadows and grassy scoops of valleys. 

    The guide is a perfect companion to making the most of mountain adventures in Andorra. It provides practical information on language and transport to and around the country, as well as details on accommodation, mountain huts, maps, history and places of interest along the way. Sketch maps accompany each route, along with breathtaking photography throughout the guide.

    • Andorra is trilingual, with Catalan as the main language. The guide includes a Catalan-English-Spanish-French glossary of useful words and phrases.
    • Walks range from gentle valley walks to tough mountain days, and are graded accordingly, so there is potential to explore Andorra for walkers of all abilities.
    • The guide includes information on the best times to go, safety in the mountains and key information on making the most out of your walking.
  • Contents

    General information
    Walking opportunities
    Some facts and figures
    Getting there
    Flowers and wildlife
    How to use this guide
    The routes
    Mountain refuges
    1 Arinsal and Sispony
    Walk 1 Refugi de Coma Pedrosa
    Walk 2 Pic del Port Vell
    Walk 3 Pic de Sanfonts
    Walk 4 Pic de Coma Pedrosa
    Walk 5 Pla de l'Estany
    Walk 6 Refugi les Fonts
    Walk 7 Pic de Medacorba and Estanys Forcats
    Walk 8 Pic del Pla de l'Estany and Estanys de Montmantell
    Walk 9 Pic de les Fonts
    Walk 10 Coll de les Cases
    Walk 11 Roc de la Cauba
    Walk 12 Pic d'Enclar and Pic de Carroi
    2 Arcalís and Angonella
    Walk 13 Valira Nord
    Walk 14 Pic de Font Blanca
    Walk 15 Estanys de Tristaina
    Walk 16 Pic de Tristaina
    Walk 17 Pic de Cataperdís and Angonella Valley
    3 Vall de Sorteny and Vall de Rialb
    Walk 18 Refugis de Rialb and Sorteny
    Walk 19 Estany Blau
    Walk 20 Pic de Thoumasset
    Walk 21 Pic de l'Estanyó
    Walk 22 Pic de la Serrara
    4 Montaup, Ordino and Pic de Casamanya
    Walk 23 Pic de Casamanya – South peak
    5 Vall del Riu
    Walk 24 Refugi de la Vall del Riu
    Walk 25 Pic de la Cabaneta and the Eastern Ridge
    Walk 26 Pic de l'Estanyó and the Western Ridge
    6 Vall de Ransol
    Walk 27 Refugi dels Coms de Jan
    Walk 28 Coma de Ransol
    Walk 29 Frontier Ridge
    Walk 30 Pic de la Serrara
    7 Vall d'Incles
    Walk 31 Estanys de Fontargent and Estanys de Juclar
    Walk 32 Pic de Ruf and Coll d'Alba
    Walk 33 Pic de la Pala de Sobre l'Estany
    Walk 34 French Connection
    Walk 35 Peaks of Escobes
    Walk 36 Estanys de Siscaró
    Walk 37 Pic de la Cabaneta
    Walk 38 Cabana Sorda
    Walk 39 Pic de la Coma de Varilles
    Walk 40 Pic d'Anrodat
    Walk 41 Soldeu Circuit
    Walk 42 Upper Soldeu Circuit
    Walk 43 Pic del Maià
    Walk 44 Valira Nature Trail
    8 Grau Roig and the Circ dels Pessons
    Walk 45 Estanys de Pessons
    Walk 46 Pic d'Ensagents and Pic dels Pessons
    Walk 47 Pic dels Pessons and Vall del Madriu by the GR7
    Walk 48 Pic de Montmalus
    Walk 49 Pic d'Envalira
    Walk 50 Pic de Fontnegre
    9 Cortals
    Walk 51 Pic d'Encampadana
    Walk 52 Pic Alt del Cubil
    Walk 53 Pic Alt del Griu
    Walk 54 Pic dels Llops
    10 Vall del Madriu
    Walk 55 GR7 to San Julià de Lòria
    Walk 56 Prat Primer and Obaga de Noufonts
    Walk 57 Estany d'Engolasters and Vall del Madriu
    Walk 58 Pic de la Maiana and the Vall de Perafita
    11 Via Ferratas of Andorra
    Ferrata 1 El Tossal Gran d'Aixovall
    Ferrata 2 Sant Vicenç d'Enclar
    Ferrata 3 Roc d'Esquers
    Ferrata 4 Clots de L'Aspra
    Ferrata 5 Canal de Mora
    Ferrata 6 The Directissima
    Ferrata 7 Racons
    Ferrata 8 Canal del Grau
    Ferrata 9 Bony d'Envalira
    12 Andorra Circuit
    Day 1 Escaldes to Refugi de l'Illa by Val del Madriu
    Day 2 Refugi de l'Illa to Refugi de Siscaró via Pessons
    Day 3 Refugi de Siscaró to Refugi dels Coms de Jan via Vall d'Incles
    Day 4 Refugi dels Coms de Jan to Refugi de l'Angonella by Sorteny
    Day 5 Refugi de l'Angonella to Refugi de Coma Pedrosa
    Day 6 Refugi de Coma Pedrosa to the Alberge in Sispony


  • Maps
    There a number of maps available for Andorra, and none is completely satisfactory. All are inaccurate in many details and fail to reach the standard British walkers would expect in an Ordnance Survey map. At an early stage, and after much thought, it was decided to base the text of this guide on the following map:

    • Editorial Alpina 1:40,000 Andorra Mapa y Guia Excursionista (Geograf Salvador Llobet, Edicions Cartographiques, SL, 08400 Granollers, tel: 938 795 083, email:

    This map (and the attached Catalan guidebook) has the advantage of being readily and cheaply available in Andorra. Although it has many imperfections it is by far and away the most up to date and least inaccurate of the available maps. A number of editions are on sale in Andorra, but the one used in preparation of this text was the 2nd edition, January 2002. (Note that there are small variations between the editions.) Most of the paths marked are fairly accurate, though there are many errors and a number of existing and waymarked paths are omitted. Any significant discrepancy between the map and the terrain this will be indicated in this guide. Where no such comment is made then you should assume the map is accurate. It marks the GRP long-distance path round the Principality (though with some noteworthy mistakes). The naming of peaks and passes (especially on the border with France) seems to be consistent with local usage and signposting on the ground.

    The Andorran authorities publish a number of maps, but all are very out of date and inaccurate. They are published by Govern d’Andorra, Conselleria de Serveis Publics, C/Prat de la Creu, Andorra la Vella, as follows:

    • Mapa Topografic 1:50,000 Andorra (1987)

    • Mapa Topografic 1:25,000 Andorra (1992)

    • Mapas Topograficas 1:10,000 – 19 maps (1976)

    The first gives a reasonable overview of the area but is very inaccurate on the paths, and fails to show any of the well-marked long-distance routes. The second is at a larger scale and therefore better on the mountain topography, but is poor on the paths and very unwieldy to use. This is even truer of the largest scale maps available, the Consell General 1:10,000 series. There are 19 covering the Principality, but they are decades out of date and completely useless for all practical purposes.

    The most sophisticated-looking map of the area is the French Haute-Ariege Andorra 1:50,000 (Institut Geographique National, 1986), but this map throws up all sorts of problems. The marking of paths on the Andorran side of the border is very vague, careless and out of date. Moreover, the names of the peaks and passes on the French border are often confused and different from local usage and signposts. On balance it is easier to use the Editorial Alpina 1:40,000.

    Another good-looking map of the area is the Andorra and Cadi 1:50,000 (Rando/Institut Cartografíc de Catalunya, 2001) which is quite usable but again has fairly unreliable path markings and is less easy to obtain in Andorra than the Editorial Alpina.

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Alf Robertson

Alf Robertson is a professional walking guide and qualified member of the British Association of European Mountain Leaders (BAEML) who writes regularly for British walking and climbing magazines. Alf and his wife Jane Meadowcroft walk, climb, write and guide together from their home in Córdoba, Andalusia. They have walked and climbed extensively in Andorra over the past seven years.

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Jane Meadowcroft

Jane Meadowcroft left her career in the Civil Service in 1998. She is married to Alf Robertson, a professional walking guide and qualified member of the British Association of European Mountain Leaders, and together the couple walk, climb, write and guide from their home in Córdoba, Andalucia. They have walked and climbed extensively in Andorra over the past seven years.

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