The Mountains of Montenegro

A Walker's and Trekker's Guide

By Rudolf Abraham

This guidebook to Montenegro includes 17 walks and trekking routes throughout the Dinaric Alps, in Montenegro's five national parks as well as Orjen, Komovi, Tara Canyon and the UNESCO-listed old town of Kotor. The circular and linear routes range from easy hour-long outings to challenging 5-day treks involving exposure and scrambling.



June to September (mountains have moderate summer temperatures and abundant snowfall in winter).


Durmitor National Park - Žabljak Prokletije National Park - Gusinje Biogradska Gora National Park - Mojkovac Lake Skadar National Park - Virpazar Lovćen National Park - Kotor or Cetinje Orjen - Herceg Novi


Routes range from easy day walks to extended and more challenging multi-day mountain treks. All routes are graded. No special equipment required.
Must See

Must See

Montenegro's five national parks - Durmitor, Prokletije (on the the Albanian border), Biogradska gora, Lovćen and Lake Skadar (the largest lake in the Balkans, plentiful birdlife), as well as several other areas including Orjen, Komovi, Kučka krajina, Tara Canyon (the deepest canyon in Europe). UNESCO-listed old town of Kotor, on Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor).
8 May 2015
19 Mar 2019
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
  • Overview

    This guidebook includes a range of day-walks and multi-day treks throughout the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro. These mountains are some of the wildest, most spectacular, and least visited in Europe. Nevertheless they are easily accessible, and many areas have well-marked trails. They present an opportunity to travel through outstandingly beautiful and remarkably unspoilt natural scenery, which sees few visitors. The guide covers the most spectacular mountain areas in Montenegro, with a selection of circular and linear routes, with variants and extensions.

    The guide also includes generous background information, including mountain huts and shelters, travel to and within the country, history and language, as well as what to expect in the various mountains and National Parks the routes explore. This is the first comprehensive English-language guide to walking in this beautiful area, and provides and ideal gateway into Montenegrin adventures.

  • Contents

    Vegetation and wildlife
    Food and drink
    Getting to Montenegro
    Local transport
    Staying in touch
    Walking in Montenegro
    What to take
    Trail markings
    National parks
    Safety in the mountains
    Using this guide
    Route 1 Subra
    Stage 1 Kameno – Vratlo hut
    Stage 2 Vratlo hut – Subra (return)
    Stage 3 Vratlo hut – Kabao (return)
    Stage 4 Vratlo hut – Kameno
    Route 2 Zubački kabao
    Further Possibilities
    Route 3 Jezerski vrh
    Route 4 Kotor fortress
    Lake Skadar
    Route 5 Rumija
    Further Possibilities
    Route 6 Central Durmitor
    Stage 1 Žabljak – Lokvice
    Stage 2 Lokvice – Terzin bogaz (return)
    Stage 3 Lokvice – Bobotov kuk (return)
    Stage 4 Lokvice – Minin bogaz (return)
    Stage 5 Lokvice – Ledena pećina (return)
    Stage 6 Lokvice – Samar (return)
    Stage 7 Lokvice – Žabljak
    Route 7 Durmitor Circuit (via Škrčko jezero)
    Stage 1 Lokvice – Škrčko jezero
    Stage 2 Škrčko jezero – Jablan jezero
    Stage 3 Jablan jezero – Žabljak
    Route 8 Durmitor Circuit (via Velika Struga)
    Stage 1 Lokvice – Donja Ališnica
    Stage 2 Donja Ališnica Žabljak
    Day walks from Žabljak
    Route 9 Biogradsko jezero
    Route 10 Biogradska gora
    Stage 1 Biogradsko jezero – Pešića jezero
    Stage 2 Pešića jezero – Trešnjevik
    Further Possibilities
    Route 11 Komovi
    Stage 1 Trešnjevik – Štavna
    Stage 2 Štavna – Kom Vasojevićki (return)
    Stage 3 Štavna – Kom Ljevoriječki (return)
    Stage 4 Štavna – Trešnjevik
    Kučka Krajina (Žijevo)
    Route 12 Kučka Krajina
    Stage 1 Veruša – Bukumirsko jezero
    Stage 2 Bukumirsko jezero – nameless pass (return)
    Stage 3 Bukumirsko jezero – Štitan (return)
    Stage 4 Bukumirsko jezero – Maglić (return)
    Stage 5 Bukumirsko jezero – Veruša
    Further Possibilities
    Route 13 Visitor from Plav
    Further Possibilities
    Route 14 Volušnica
    Route 15 Krošnja and Karanfili
    Route 16 Kotao
    Route 17 Ropojana valley and jezero
    Further Possibilities

    Appendix A Mountain areas, major peaks and long-distance routes
    Appendix B Further reading
    Appendix C Useful contacts
    Appendix D Language notes and glossary
    Appendix E History of Montenegro

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