Toads and snakes, knives and forks… even tractors and trolls

Toads and snakes, knives and forks... Here are some of our favourite translations of the English phrases "It's raining cats and dogs" from around the world.

Cats and dogs, toads and snakes, knives and forks… you never quite know what’s going to come down with the next downpour! It’s amazing what falls out of the sky in different parts of the world: young cobblers in Germany and Denmark; frogs in France, Romania and Poland; tractors in Slovakia… wheelbarrows, puppies, axes, little old women and even pilot whales if you’re unlucky enough to get caught out in a storm in the Faroe Isles! Perhaps fair-weather walkers can be forgiven their qualms about walking in the rain when there’s a risk that a female troll might just land on your head?

Toads and snakes, knives and forks… even tractors and trolls
This chap would prefer it to rain "ropes"

Here are some of our favourite translations of the English idiom ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’.

EnglishIt’s raining cats and dogs.
WelshMae hi’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn.It’s raining old women and walking sticks.
Mae hi’n bwrw cyllyll a ffyrc.It’s raining knives and forks.
IrishTá sé ag caitheamh sceana gréasaí.It’s raining shoemakers’ knives.
NorwegianDet regner trollkjerringer.It’s raining female trolls.
DanishDet regner skomagerdrenge.It’s raining shoemakers’ apprentices.
AfricaansOu vrouens met knopkieries reen.It’s raining old women with clubs.
CzechPadají trakaře.It’s raining wheelbarrows.
DutchHet regent pijpestelen.It’s raining pipe stems.
FrenchIl pleut des cordes.It’s raining ropes.
ItalianPiove a catinelle.It rains from basins
GermanEs regnet gießt Schusterjungs.It’s raining shoemaker boys.
Es regnet junge Hunde.It’s raining puppies.
GreekΒρέχει καρεκλοπόδαρα (brékhei kareklopódara)It’s raining chair legs.
PolishLeje zabami.It’s raining frogs.
PortugueseEstá chovendo barba de sapo.It’s raining toads’ beards.
Está chovendo canivetes.It’s raining penknives.
Brazilian PortugueseChovem cobras e lagartos.It’s raining snakes and lizards.
SlovakPadajú traktory.It’s raining tractors.
CroatianPadaju sjekire.It’s raining axes.
BosnianPadaju ćuskije.It’s raining crowbars.
SwedishDet ösregnar.It’s raining ladles.
Det regnar smådjävlar.It’s raining little devils.
FlemishHet regent kattenjongen.It’s raining kittens.
Hindiमुसलधार बारिश (musaldhār bārish)It’s raining a stream of mallets.
RomanianPlouă cu broaşte.It’s raining frogs.
SpanishEstá lloviendo a cantarosIt’s raining jugs.
FrisianIt reint hynste-eagen.It’s raining horse eyes.
FaroeseTað regnar av grind.It’s raining pilot whales.
IcelandicÞað rignir eld og brennusteinIt’s raining fire and brimstone.
Columbian SpanishEstan lloviendo hasta maridos.It’s even raining husbands.
Japanese土砂降りである (doshaburi de aru)Earth and sand are falling.
Chinese落狗屎 (lohk gáusí)Dog poo is falling.
Hebrewמבול משמיים mabul mi shamayim'Floods from the sky.
Arabicكب من عند الرب Kab min ind el rabIt's pouring from heaven.

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