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It is probably not news that the UK has left the current trading arrangements with the EU from 1 January 2021. Things have changed a fair bit, especially around paperwork, customs clearances, VAT and international shipping. Unfortunately, these impact sales to real people as well as retailers and wholesalers in the EU.

Updated June 2021: Over the end of June and into July sales into EU countries are changing so we will be charging EU VAT not UK VAT on these orders. Whilst the transition is happening we will not be accepting orders delivered to EU destinations, but will resume service before mid-July. Apologies for the interruption. In the meantime please see below for EU based websites where Cicerone guides can be ordered.

Cicerone’s mission

We remain absolutely and totally committed to our mission of providing trusted information and inspiration for walkers, trekkers, mountaineers and cyclists to have a great adventure. We want you to trust Cicerone to guide you on your next adventure, wherever or whatever it may be.

But some things are going to make fulfilling your needs a bit harder.

EU-based online retailers

These include Amazon with,,, and perhaps others we have lost track of. All have solid supply routes from the UK.

Anticyclone des Acores is associated with Cicerone’s Belgium-based distributor Craenen and holds or can readily access the complete range of Cicerone guides and ships throughout the EU.

For other countries, suppliers include (they should be able to order copies of any of our books they do not have in stock):

Another possibility is ordering from one of the main online retailers. Book Depository and Wordery both offer free worldwide shipping.

Where you have bought a book from another retailer, please register it in your Cicerone account (it is easy to open an account, this gives you a library of your Cicerone guides). It doesn’t matter where you bought it. This will give access to updates, GPX files and Cicerone newsletters.


Virtually all Cicerone guides are available as eBooks – in a format called ePub so they work on phones, tablets and desktops as you prefer. We know most customers love the printed books – so do we – and we work hard on the walks, treks and design to get them right and looking great, but the eBooks are great as well, and are especially useful on a phone.

eBooks will continue to be available direct from Cicerone as well as from Amazon, Apple, Google and others.

In summary

Thanks for your understanding, the last thing we want to do is to make getting onto the mountain, trek or trail harder, frankly it’s the exact opposite of our mission. Likewise we don’t want to lose the direct links between us as publisher and you as most valued customers, but we have to be realistic, it's likely to be a bit confused over the next few months. We appreciate that it adds some complexity, but new rules coming mid-2021 may help a little.

Please do tell us where we can do better with all this. We really welcome your comments on this and everything else.

Jonathan Williams


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