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Website orders going to EU countries

If you're based outside the UK, there are lots of ways that you can purchase a Cicerone guidebook or eBook. You can buy directly from us on the Cicerone website, though please keep in mind that shipping from the UK to Europe can now take a few weeks. We also have a great network of distributors in Europe and this means that you should be able to find Cicerone guidebooks in your local bookshop or outdoor retailer - and if not, they'll be able to order them in for you instead.

You could also buy our guidebooks from an EU-based online retailer;

These include Amazon with,,,, and more. All have solid supply routes from the UK.

Anticyclone des Acores is associated with Cicerone’s Belgium-based distributor Craenen and holds or can readily access the complete range of Cicerone guides and ships throughout the EU.

For other countries, suppliers include (they should be able to order copies of any of our books they do not have in stock):

Another possibility is ordering from one of the main online retailers Wordery who offer free worldwide shipping.

Where you have bought a book from another retailer, please register it in your Cicerone account (it is easy to open an account, this gives you a library of your Cicerone guides). It doesn’t matter where you bought it. This will give access to updates, and GPX files.


Virtually all Cicerone guides are available as eBooks – in a format called ePub so they work on phones, tablets and desktops as you prefer. We know most customers love the printed books – so do we – and we work hard on the walks, treks and design to get them right and looking great, but the eBooks are great as well, and are especially useful on a phone.