An inspirational guidebook to 20 treks along the 2400km Himalayan chain. Includes classics such as the treks to Everest and K2 base camps and the Annapurna Circuit. Also epic glacier treks, ultra-long expedition treks and sacred treks. This is a book to inspire and excite, guaranteed to entice any with an adventurous spirit and love of wild places.



Trekking in the Himalaya is governed by the monsoon; the majority of treks can be tackled in the spring or autumn, while those north of the Himalaya may be enjoyed during summer.


Treks in this book are based in Pakistan, India (Ladakh, Zanskar, Garwhal, West Bengal and Sikkim), Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, and begin from a variety of different towns and villages.


All routes included in the book are graded (Gentle, Moderate, Demanding or Expedition). A few moderate treks would suit first-time trekkers; most demand a high level of fitness; three are expedition treks where some mountaineering skills or special equipment are required.
Must See

Must See

Trekking to or around many of the world's highest mountains: Mount Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Nanga Parbat, Nanda Devi, Gangkar Punsum, Mount Kailash and journeys to remote places such as Zanskar, the Biafo and Hispar Glaciers and Dolpo.
20 Sep 2013
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  • Overview

    The Himalaya have always fed the dreams and called to those who love wild places. Stretching from Pakistan through Northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, this book includes 20 descriptions of the best, and most spectacular treks in the range. From glaciers to jungle, snow-swept passes to plunging valleys, remote plateaus to bustling base camps, the Himalaya offer an unparalleled wealth of landscapes and trekking opportunities.

    This inspirational guide was edited by trekking specialist Kev Reynolds, and written by a team of eight experienced authors, writers and guides. A compilation of the best walking in the Himalaya, it looks at each trek in turn, and discovers what makes the trek special, and entices with vivid accounts and breathtaking photography.

    The Treks


    • K2 and Concordia
    • Snow Lake
    • Nanga Parbat





  • Contents

    About the authors  
    Overview of routes   
    About this book  
    Trekking in the Himalaya: a background 
    Trekking styles      
    When to go   
    Safety in the mountains  
    Minimum impact trekking   

    The Treks
    Trek 1           K2 and Concordia – Steve Razzetti 
    Trek 2           Snow Lake – Steve Razzetti  
    Trek 3           Nanga Parbat – Bart Jordans  
    Trek 4           Zanskar Dream Trek – Steve Berry  
    Trek 5           Nanda Devi Sanctuary – Steve Berry   
    Trek 6           Mount Kailash Kora – Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons 
    Trek 7           Inner Dolpo: Shey Gompa and the Crystal Mountain – Stephen Goodwin   
    Trek 8           Lower Dolpo: from Juphal to Jumla – Kev Reynolds
    Trek 9           Dhaulagiri Circuit – Bart Jordans   
    Trek 10         Annapurna Circuit – Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons  
    Trek 11         Annapurna Sanctuary – Kev Reynolds  
    Trek 12         Manaslu Circuit – Kev Reynolds   
    Trek 13         Langtang and Helambu – Kev Reynolds   
    Trek 14         Everest Base Camp – Kev Reynolds   
    Trek 15         Everest: Kangshung Face – Bart Jordans   
    Trek 16         Makalu Base Camp – Chris Townsend   
    Trek 17         Kangchenjunga: North and South Base Camps – Kev Reynolds 
    Trek 18         Kangchenjunga: Singalila Ridge and Goecha La – Kev Reynolds
    Trek 19         Lunana Snowman Trek – Bart Jordans  
    Trek 20         Gangkar Punsum Base Camp – Steve Berry 

    APPENDIX A    Useful contacts   
    APPENDIX B    Glossary for trekkers   
    APPENDIX C    Further reading  


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  • Reviews
    Congratulations on Trekking in the Himalaya. A splendid production.
    It doesn't take many minutes browsing before you're toying with ideas of more places to go. And a marvelous coincidence to see the Manaslu circuit so well featured, including the cover photo. I shall be heading that way next month, for my first visit.
    Once again, full marks for another inspiring volume.
    Stephen Goodwin, Mountaineering Journalist and past editor of the Alpine Journal
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Bart Jordans

Bart Jordans has been guiding and exploring treks and trekking peaks in the Himalaya, Karakoram, Hindu Kush, European Alps and on Kilimanjaro since 1984. Originally from the Netherlands, he lived in Bhutan for over four years and in Vietnam for two. He caught the bug for mountain activities early in life on annual family visits to the Alps. Bart is now a freelance trekking guide for several well-known companies. When not in the mountains he works in the outdoor gear business and writes articles on the mountains of Bhutan, for which he is a noted expert.

View Guidebooks by Bart Jordans

Siân Pritchard-Jones

Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons met in 1983, on a trek from Kashmir to Ladakh. Since then they have been leading and organising treks in the Alps, Nepal, Algeria and Niger, and exploring the world. However, they regularly return to their first love, Kathmandu and the Himalayas, and have published several books on the region.

View Articles and Books by Siân Pritchard-Jones

Kev Reynolds

A lifelong passion for the countryside in general, and mountains in particular, drives Kev's desire to share his sense of wonder and delight in the natural world through his writing, photography and lecturing.

Claiming to be The Man with the World's Best Job, he has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Cicerone since the 1970s, producing over 50 books, including guides to five major trekking regions of Nepal, and to numerous routes in the European Alps and Pyrenees, as well as walking guides for Kent, Sussex and the Cotswolds.

View Articles and Books by Kev Reynolds

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend writes every month for TGO and has written 19 books including Scotland in Cicerone's World Mountain Ranges series, the story of his hike along the Pacific Northwest Trail and an account of his continuous round of all the Munros in Scotland. His epic walks include the 2600-mile Pacific Crest Trail, 1600 miles along the Canadian Rockies, 1000 miles through the Yukon and 1300 miles through Norway and Sweden. He has led ski tours in Greenland and Scandinavia, as well as treks in Nepal. He is involved with outdoor and conservation organisations and served as President of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.

View Guidebooks by Chris Townsend

Bob Gibbons

Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons met in 1983, on a trek from Kashmir to Ladakh. Since they met they have been leading and organising treks in the Alps, Nepal, Algeria and Niger, and exploring the world. However, they regularly return to their first love, Kathmandu and the Himalayas, and have published several books on the region.

View Articles and Books by Bob Gibbons
Goodwin S

Stephen Goodwin

Stephen Goodwin is a freelance journalist and editor of the prestigious Alpine Journal, the oldest mountaineering journal in the world. In 1999, after 25 years as a staff journalist on The Times and then The Independent, he exchanged the turbulence of Fleet Street and politics in ‘the Westminster village’ for the subtler currents of Cumbria’s Eden Valley.

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Steve Berry

Steve Berry was born in Shillong, India, and has returned to the Himalaya to lead remote treks and expeditions. These include the first British ascent of Nun in Kashmir, and attempts on Cho Oyu in Nepal and Gangkar Punsum in Bhutan; the world's highest unclimbed peak. He is the owner of Mountain Kingdoms Ltd, a company offering walking holidays worldwide, and co-founded Wilderness Lectures in Bristol. He has previously written two books – Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon and Straight Up, the tale of the only British expedition to Bhutan's highest peak and stories from Steve's other expeditions.

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Steve Razzetti

Steve Razetti has wide-ranging experience of the Himalayan regions and an affinity with the mountains of Pakistan. In 1986 he joined Simon Yates on an expedition to the Hushe valley in the Karakoram. The following year he took a group to K2 base camp and Concordia with Doug Scott. He then spent the next 16 summers in Pakistan's wild north. He developed new routes for commercial trekking and lead reconnaissance trips throughout the Karakoram and Hindu Kush. His articles have appeared widely in the geographical and mountaineering press, his photographs are distributed by Getty Images and the RGS Picture Library.

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