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The Danube Cycleway - Donaueschingen to Budapest - Europe

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7 Nov 2013
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1 Jul 2003
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The Danube Cycleway

Donaueschingen to Budapest

by John Higginson
Published by Cicerone Press

A guide to cycling the Danube Cycle Way from Donauschingen in Bavaria to Budapest. The most popular holiday cycle touring route in Europe takes cyclists along the route of the Danube river covering 1350km, in 20 stages, mainly on dedicated cycle tracks. Suitable for all abilities and ages. All route-finding and accommodation information included.

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Cover: Paperback - Laminated
Size: 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.1cm
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The Danube Cycle Way has become the most popular holiday cycling route in mainland Europe. It has magnificent scenery, fascinating places to visit throughout its length and a wide cultural diversity. It is not unusual to sit in a wayside bar and hear seven different languages being spoken at the same time, but not one of them is likely to be English. It is high time this changed.

This guide aims to introduce the Danube Cycle Way not only to keen long-distance cyclists but also to people who have never experienced the joys of this kind of journey. The fact that the majority of the route is on dedicated, clearly signed cycle tracks means that it is perfect for whole families to enjoy.

Although the guide divides the length of the cycle way into twenty suggested days, a plentiful amount of low-priced accommodation throughout the entire length of the route means that each day's journey can be tailored to cyclists' needs. The way is almost free of hills, includes visits to monasteries, castles, museums, and ancient cities as well as picturesque villages, and provides adventurous cyclists with a month's sheer pleasure. It is there, waiting to be enjoyed.

  • Seasons
    Generally Easter to October. July and August can be very busy, with scarce accommodation.
  • Centres
    Various centres are passed en route, including Donauschingen, Regensburg, Linz, Passau, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.
  • Difficulty
    Mainly level cycling. Suitable for first-time European cycle-touring and families.
  • Must See
    A route to enjoy for the river, culture, company of other cyclists. Vienna's style, local people and customs.


September 2013

Two missing pages in the latest reprint

An error in the April 2013 reprint has just been kindly brought to our attention by Stanfords. Apologies to anyone who has been baffled by the appearance of Pockthorpe and Blakeney in the middle of Stage 3 and 14 of the Danube Cycleway.

Pages 39 and 104 have been inadvertently substituted with pages from our guide to The Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path. We are reprinting immediately and corrected copies of the book will be available in October. If you have a copy with the substituted pages and would like to return it, we will replace it with a corrected copy as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, the eBook for sale on the Cicerone website is correct and the Kindle and ePub versions of the file are also available and correct.

You can also download copies of the missing pages 39 and 104 by clicking here.


Getting there and back
What to expect on the journey
How to use this guide

Stage 1 Donaueschingen to Stetten (43km)
Stage 2
Stetten to Ennetach (58km)
Stage 3
Ennetach to Dettingen (57km)
Stage 4
Dettingen to Günzburg (60km)
Stage 5
Günzburg to Altisheim (77km)
Stage 6
Altisheim to Landershofen (62km)
Stage 7
Landershofen to Dietfurt (50km)
Stage 8
Dietfurt to Weltenburg (40km)
Stage 9
Weltenburg to Kirchroth (79km)
Stage 10
Kirchroth to Passau (106km)
Stage 11
Passau to Linz (100km)
Stage 12
Linz to Grein (78km)
Stage 13
Grein to St Michael (77km)
Stage 14
St Michael to Langenlebarn (84km)
Stage 15
Langenlebarn to Vienna (35km)
Stage 16
Vienna to Bratislava (85km)
Stage 17
Bratislava to Györladamér (76km)
Stage 18
Györladamér to Almásneszmély (88km)
Stage 19
Almásneszmély to Szentendre (86km)
Stage 20
Szentendre to Budapest (26km)


Appendix A Suggested accommodation
Appendix B Full kit list
Appendix C Useful addresses
Appendix D Glossary of terms (English–German)

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