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Are Cicerone guidebooks available in digital formats to downloads from your site?

For everyone who loves books and reading, the topic of digitisation in the book world has been discussed at length over the past few years. With the explosion in popularity of downloading films and music, the idea of downloading books electronically was always going to be a talking point for those who love to read. Now with many e-readers available on the market, downloading books is gaining huge popularity, and Cicerone has decided to join the revolution.

For many years visitors to our website have enjoyed the ability to search inside our books, a fantastic feature that allows you to be more informed about a book’s contents and whether it’s right for you before you buy. Full digitisation of our books is the logical next step, and e-book purchases are now available to buy and instantly download. Most of our books are included, and we’re aiming to make as many available to buy electronically as we can.

There are many advantages of e-books over print. One of the many things that travellers tend to think about at the planning stage of a journey is packing, and how heavy bags need to be. One advantage of an e-book is that you can buy a book and print off a few pages to take with you, rather than carry a whole printed book. This could mean a significant difference in the overall weight of your rucksack, especially if you tend to take more than one book with you! Instant downloading is also an advantage because it means you can start to plan your next walk, trek, or bike ride straight away.

Cicerone have a great offer to get you started and allow you to decide for yourself the advantages or disadvantages of digital over print. When you buy the printed version of one of the included books from our website you can get the digital version at 50% discount, so that you can make a direct comparison between the two and see which you prefer.

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