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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about publishing and which guides we make

What do you do with a guide once the author has sent in the manuscript?

It’s a long and careful process involving the editor, cartographer, picture editor, and designer working in close collaboration with the author, and finally the printer, to make the best possible guide.

The editor will look through the manuscript and discuss any possible improvements to the guide with the author, then check the text for grammatical or spelling errors. At the same time, the cartographer begins work on the maps, which are often drawn from sketches provided by the author. Once the text and maps are ready, the layout and design of the book takes place, when maps, text and pictures are all woven together. The result looks pretty much like a printed book, but it is checked again by the author and editor to make sure everything is OK. Once we are happy, we give the go-ahead for the book to be printed. More checking takes place at this stage too, to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The whole process takes about nine months, from delivery of the manuscript to printed book. It’s a long time, but we hope that the care we take shows through in the guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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