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How can I prepare for walking at altitude?

We recommend that you be fit and healthy before you start, and used walking for several consecutive days before venturing over 4000m.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say. Altitude affects everyone in different ways, fit and fat, differently today and tomorrow. You were fine last year – you could still go badly this year.

Your trip plan should allow time to acclimatise at around  3000-3500m then not ascend too far each day, and each night should be only 400m higher than the previous night.

Do check with your doctor, who will also provide further advice and may recommend taking Diamox.

Walk steadily, regularly, within your abilities. Don’t rush. The mountains will still be there when you get there. Take breaks when you need to; take breaks when you don’t need to. Stop and drink tea. Drink some more. Try garlic soup. Look out for those around you who may not want to admit to suffering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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